The House of HORUS

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The contents of this page contain fictional elements that are based on or expand on the official game mythos. Care should be taken by the reader not to confuse the artistic license taken as being an actual representation of the events and time lines in the game(s).

Xcomfiles.png Although the official records state that X-COM started its operations in 1999 this report 
claims that it merely used the existing assets of an existing operation called HORUS and  
expanded its previous activities. The veracity of this story is highly disputed, read it
with a critical eye. - R.

Project HORUS

The history and objectives of HORUS to this day remain a complete mystery without any verified confirmation of the few information available. The first rumors about HORUS appeared during 1999 although at the time it was merely a name mentioned on bulletin boards all over the Internet.

Xcomfiles.png And it became immediately associated with the so called 'UFOs' and the supposed 'aliens' - R.

It is unknown if the Council of Funding Nations had previous knowledge of this secret operation and it is also impossible yet to determine who were the entities originally responsible for the construction of the House of HORUS, the name of its main base, or their original agenda.

The significance of its name could give a few indications of the functions it perfomed. Horus was one of the major gods of Ancient Egypt, the son of Osiris, the god of the afterlife, and his sister Isis, the goddess of fertility. Horus was associated with war, the sky and was usually represented by a falcon. As described further ahead all of those are related with the roles that the House of HORUS performed during the war since of them can be associated with the facilities described at the base. A few theories have been put forward considering this information to explain the term HORUS as an acronym but there is no consensus on what it might describe.

What is known is that HORUS merely changed its name to X-COM in 1999 and started to have a more active and exposed role under their adquired cover. And there is reason to believe that after X-COM was officially decommissioned the HORUS project went back to its underground activities and is still operating today.

Xcomfiles.png Again, this fits the known record of any secret agency: usually they never die, they simply  
switch back to another less visible role and change names. - R.

The House of HORUS

lift workshop hangar1 hangar2 dirt lab
dirt stores hangar3 hangar4 containment stores
dirt stores dirt dirt dirt psi
dirt stores dirt small_radar dirt dirt
Base-mind.gif Base-quarters.gif Base-quarters.gif Base-hyperwave.gif Base-missile.gif Base-dirt.gif
Base-dirt.gif Base-dirt.gif Base-dirt.gif Base-laser.gif Base-grav.gif Base-dirt.gif

The HORUS base contains different areas:

Base-mind.gif Life Support Systems (base is completely autonomous from the outside)
Base-quarters.gif Crew Areas
Base-workshop.gif Advanced Craft Maintenance section
Base-lift.gif Nuclear Reactor (estimated production level 50 Mw)
Base-hyperwave.gif Command Center
Base-small radar.gif Sensor Array
Base-missile.gif Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) Cannon (to disrupt incoming craft electronic systems)
Base-laser.gif Computer Core (networked through satellite uplink)
Base-containment.gif Detention Area (where captured personnel is processed and held upon arrival)
Base-lab.gif Genetic Laboratory (human genome research and development)
Base-psi.gif Psychological Laboratory (indoctrination of captured personnel)
Base-mind.gif Undetermined Section

Xcomfiles.png The location of this hidden facility hasn't been precisely determined, with reports placing it 
in the Swiss Alps, northern Greenland, Oman or Indonesia.- R.

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