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General Information


The missile defence module is a defense measure that provides the base with a missile silo for launching rockets at an incoming retaliator (an alien Dreadnought).

Each salvo of torpedos provided by this defence module does not do much damage, but it is the cheapest defence module that can be produced and can be built rapidly. It also has the lowest defence module upkeep cost.

If there's space, a battery of Torpedo Defences modules coupled with a Bombardment Shield can cause a significant amount of damage to a dreadnought, with a possibility of obtaining a greater chance of hit success than a single P.W.T. or Sonic defence module. However, a large battery of torpedo defence modules can unnecessarily increase the size of the base.

This base facility appears in Terror from the Deep. For the UFO: Enemy Unknown equivalent, refer to Missile Defences.


Construction Time: 16 days
Construction Cost: $200,000
Maintenance: $5,000/month

Defense Value: 500
Hit Ratio: 50%

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