Toxigun vs Devastator Cannon

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The Toxigun and Devastator Cannon will eventually be your main choice of primary firearms as the game progresses. They are equally powerful weapons and bring different qualities to the table.


  1. Ludicrous rate of fire. Can fire as fast with aimed shot as Devastator Cannons do with auto shot, and can actually cap out the game's fire rate limit. Toxiguns react quickly to charging enemies and even toxin A will mow down hordes of weak aliens. Given good accuracy, Toxiguns can easily deal more anti-alien damage in the shortest length of time.
  2. Can dual wield with no loss of accuracy.
  3. Small and light. Fits in the belt or knee slots. Easily given to any agent as a side arm.
  4. Ignores shields. This means Toxiguns effectively do colossal damage to shielded aliens. Also allows capturing intact shields, a feat only otherwise possible with stun grenades or psionics.
  5. Toxin C base damage is higher than the Devastator Cannon, destroying even the most powerful of aliens in little time.
  6. Deals little property damage (breaks windows, fragile things), protecting relations with organizations.
  7. Ready to use by the beginning of week 3 if you rush the bio topics correctly.
  8. Hurts humans little and will barely penetrate disruptor armor, so is quite safe if your agent is mind controlled or brainsucked, and little danger from accidental friendly fire.
    • Also means a brainsucked agent will need a lot of Toxigun shots to bring down. Depending on how shots spread across the armor, killing a disruptor armored agent takes 30 or more toxin C shots.
  9. Ammo must be manufactured, and is used up very quickly. Generally a dedicated workshop is required for continuous use.
  10. Cost of ammo can be problematic with early game budget.

Devastator Cannon

  1. High accuracy. Aimed shots with Devastator Cannons can hit reliably at longer ranges.
  2. Highly effective against unshielded humans and aliens.
  3. Infinite recharging ammo.
  4. Easy to equip whole squad once unlocked.
  5. Can break through cover. Can break through walls. Can tunnel ambush paths inside alien vessels. Can also destroy alien building objectives if you're short on Vortex Mines.
  6. Requires capturing one to research.
  7. Bulky and heavy. Impractical to carry as a secondary weapon.
  8. Destroys and is slowed down by shields, leaving none for capture. You must use psionics or stun grenades to remove shields.