Troubleshooting (LWOTC)

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If you are encountering issues when installing/running/playing LWOTC. Look through these troubleshooting steps before seeking help.

  • Some mods don't work with framerate smoothing on, disable the option
  • Ignore ALL dependecy warnings regarding the highlander, you should ONLY have the highlander given with the lwotc download as instructed in the installation guide, it is compatible and will work with any mods that do require it.
  • Delete all files in the my documents config folder ; run wotc with 0 mods and exit the game ; turn on all required mods and run it again. make sure "-regenerateinis" in the active arguments/quick toggle is removed.
  • Make sure the pathing to the local mod foldier is correct ; C:\Steam\steamapps\common\xcom2\xcom2warofthechosen\xcomgame\mods
  • Check the file size of lwotc to make sure its the actual full install (2-3 gigs). if not then either the extraction or the download is incorrect.
  • If experiencing infinite load screens, make sure the path to the local mods is correct, see above for pathing
  • If you are experiencing blank icons, its related to cost based ability colors as long war has its own version. can either disable the mod or disable lw's version in lw_overhaul.ini.
  • Make sure "lost and abandoned" is disabled or the game will hard lock, do not have "enable tutorial".
  • Do not use the vortex manager of nexus to download lwotc, it will not work.
  • Can work around broken evacs by using the console ; "x2useability evac" immediately evacs the selected soldier.
  • Be wary of saves being larger than 10mb as it is prone to crashes and above 20mb is unrecoverable.
  • (dev 28) if having trouble launching, try using aml 1.4 versions, multiple cases where 1.5 seems to be causing problems.
  • (dev 28) now requires community promotion screen from workshop.