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This short file contains the following information, all stored in 16-bit integer (two byte) numeric fields.

dec (hex)
0 (0x00) Next spotted UFO number
2 (0x02) Next Terror mission number
4 (0x04) Next built Alien Base number
6 (0x06) Number of minimized interceptor windows (but see Discussion)
8 (0x08) Months elapsed 1
10 (0x0A) Next Waypoint number
12 (0x0C) Next Skyranger number
14 (0x0E) Next Lightning number
16 (0x10) Next Avenger number
18 (0x12) Next Interceptor number
20 (0x14) Next Firestorm number
22 (0x16) Current Game Year (1999, (0x07CF) for a lot of the time)
24+ (0x18) Monthly score related values, Jan to Dec (See below)

Score earned by completing research projects in January increase the value at Offset 24 (0x18) as you complete them, then at the end of the month this value is increased by 400 as a survival bonus. Later months are then stored in the later offsets.

1 Month elapsed count the number of months that have passed since the start of the game. This is used to control the alien race/activity stages as well as the early/mid/late weapon set selection.

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