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Getting back into X-Com after years away. Really loving OpenXcom and playing it pretty vanilla, initially.

Looking into the "Way of the Privateer" and loving it, thinking I'll do a play-through on Superhuman that way once I get my tactical skills honed some more

Got some ideas for testing: I believe falling one story causes no damage, but is falling more than one story possible? What damage does it cause?

Moving vertically w a Flying suit onto a prox mine doesn't trigger it, I read. But how about falling onto it?

Is free-loading ammo bug fixed in OpenXcom?

Does it work to throw out grenades/smoke over an HWP while it's still in the transport w you? how about over your own (kneeling) comrades?

If you want cover to extend further under the transport, does it work to throw smoke grenade at the top square of the ramp?

What is the rate of prox mines destroying other prox mines at various distances? Thinking of how to set up an effective prox mine field, either down a corridor or outside of UFO doors

If you have answers to these or ideas on them, please jump into my Discussion page