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Who is Nachtwolf?

My real name is Vincent P. Renaud, I'm 22.

I'm a graphic artist / web designer from Canada.

Involvement in the UFO2000 project

I'm part of the graphics team and I do some programming. Also, I am not responsible for the old graphics, so don't blackmail me. Actually, the graphic team is working very hard to revamp the GUI and bring you astonishing new graphics in the next revisions / beta.

It won't be 3D, but it can be beautiful.

What about Nachtwolf?

Nacht is german for Night. So this basically means Nightwolf.

Althought I am not german (I'm french Canadian), this name comes from the days I was playing Red Baron 3D.

This name is related to two things :

  • My virtual flying style in Red baron 3D. I was mostly flying as a lone wolf dogfighter.
  • The Black Flight, a squadron of WW1. This was a Canadian squadron serving among the RAF during WW1 (B Flight of No.10 Naval Squadron). This squadron was composed of elite pilots who flew night mission in black sopwith triplanes.

Anyway, the name stuck and I like it.

And X-COM?

I was introduced to this game by a friend of mine, quite late that is. Also, I have always enjoyed gameplay more than cutting edge graphics. What I found in this game is incredible gameplay, and very extended playability. For short, I loved it. It didn't take me long to find the multiplayer version named UFO 2000. Which was Beta 0.3.x back then.

UFO 2000

I always loved making my own stuff for videogames. Skins, 3D Models, Levels, Maps, you name it. When I started playing X-COM, and a bit Later UFO 2000. I was pretty interested. Simply because it had potential, incredible potential. At first, I was simply waiting for updates and glad about what the devellopers did. Then I started being involved in the community, slowly proposing graphics and stuff until I started working on the GUI and programming. UFO 2000 made me learn C++, nothing less.