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Hey guys,

I'm a fan of UFO since it first came out on my humble Amiga A600 all those years ago. Now, I've got back into the swing of things again - running the good oul games (and now TFTD too, which I'd never played before!) on my Windows XP machine. It's brought back so many good memories!!

Only recently, I found my old Amiga CD32 in the cupboard with which, if I remember right, I also owned UFO: EU. Gee, UFO has had quite an impact on my life! lol

I'm a computer engineer (in real life!) so know my way around a computer and it's software. Just getting to grips at the minute with the way that UFO works and handles data - it's interesting to find out just how much can be modified (if you know how!)

I like this Wiki - it's excellent!! One of the only ones I've joined to actively take part in expanding the data so I'm going through the pages modifying what I can (and trying to learn what I don't know much about so that I can help out!) And, one last note, if there's anything that I can do to help out - jot it down here and I'll have a look ;)

I've just downloaded Apocalypse to try it out too!