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X-COM veteran with over 10 years of experience and proud former player in the X-COM Alliance Sim. ShadowBlade in StrategyCore and Shadow in the OpenXcom forums.

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Firestorm Restyle

Forum Thread / Download

Firestorm ufopedia preview.png Firestorm preview.png

Localised for: English (UK), English (US), Español (AL), Español (ES)

Since I've always sort of disliked the plain, rather unimaginative saucer aspect of the default Firestorm, I decided to restyle it to give it a more advanced Terran look. Had to redo the UFOpedia entry text to accommodate the new design, and following the line of other craft, the base sprite takes some liberties when it comes to colours: I chose the Avenger's colour scheme for the Firestorm's new look.

Helm-off Power Suits

Forum Thread / Download

Helmoff preview.png

This mod basically changes the inventory screen sprites for troopers wearing Power/Flying Suits, following the later Terror from the Deep helm-under-arm style that preserves the individuality of each soldier.

Actually most of the graphic work is Bomb Bloke's, so big kudos to him. I just adapted the whole thing to OpenXcom and fixed some tiny pixel inconsistencies.

Improved Interceptor

Forum Thread / Download

Retaliator preview.png Retaliator base preview.png

  • Research topic: Improved Interceptor (requires Alien Alloys and UFO Navigation)
  • Manufacturing requirements: $200,000 + 25x Alien Alloys + 1x UFO Navigation, 32 Workshop space, 5000 engineer hours

Localised for: English (UK), English (US), Español (AL), Español (ES)

While playing on Veteran level, I figured it'd be nice to have a mostly conventional stepping stone towards the Firestorm, given it takes a while to be able to develop and more importantly maintain an Elerium-powered fighter craft. The Retaliator is a fairly modest improvement over its Interceptor cousin, performance-wise, but its primary advantage is that it can be built in X-COM bases and therefore not incur any rental fees.

Terran Plasma Weapons

Forum Thread / Download

Alienterranplasma preview.png


Stat differences vs. alien variant:

  • Damage: 60 Plasma (up from 52)
  • Ammo: 18 (down from 26)

Manufacturing requirements:

  • Weapon: $56,000 + 1x Alien Alloys, 3 workshop space, 600 engineer hours
  • Clip: $2,000 + 1x Elerium-115, 2 workshop space, 60 engineer hours


Stat differences vs. alien variant:

  • Accuracy: 60% auto, 94% snap, 110% aimed (up from 55% auto, 86% snap, 100% aimed)
  • Damage: 72 Plasma (down from 80)

Manufacturing requirements:

  • Weapon: $88,000 + 2x Alien Alloys, 4 workshop space, 820 engineer hours
  • Clip: $4,500 + 1x Elerium-115, 3 workshop space, 80 engineer hours


Stat differences vs. alien variant:

  • Speed: 33% auto, 28% snap, 57% aimed (up from 35% auto, 30% snap, 60% aimed)
  • Damage: 105 Plasma (down from 115)

Manufacturing requirements:

  • Weapon: $122,000 + 3x Alien Alloys, 4 workshop space, 1,000 engineer hours
  • Clip: $9,000 + 2x Elerium-115, 3 workshop space, 100 engineer hours

ALIEN PLASMA WEAPONS: Unusable by X-COM operatives, sales price halved (not as useful to human buyers).

Localised for: English (UK), English (US), Español (AL), Español (ES)

During most of the game, X-COM operatives have their own unique equipment and weapons, save for the occasional alien gadget here and there. However, once plasma's researched, that battlescape diversity is lost, and everyone's largely using the same gear.

Not so much with this mod, which sets apart alien and human plasma weapons, creating a different late game experience. The design of the extraterrestrial firearms is not oriented towards human operators, which has led X-COM engineers to come up with their own variants. What's more, the replication process has produced particular differences in performance, compared to the alien counterparts. Not to mention Terran plasma bolts are blue! :D

The necessity to manufacture plasma weapons and ammo alone should present interesting economic challenges when otherwise you'd simply rely on the generous amounts of alien equipment you salvage from missions. Coupled with the statistical changes, it might even be enough to break the Heavy Plasma's hegemony and prod the player to at least consider keeping the highly precise Plasma Rifle in service as a primary weapon.

Kudos to Chiko for the original design of the new plasma technology, which I later modified to some extent.