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  • Name : [now classified]
  • Race : Homo Sapiens,bio-enhanced,cryo-revived,and cyber implanted.Actually it should be homo technetis.
  • Weight : 87 kg (Without armor)
  • Blood Group : 0+
  • Age : 20 (Cryo-Revived during the Second and Third Alien war)

The one and only Turk to have entered the X-Com service during the first Alien War,and to have survived all along.Recruited solely by accident when he chucked an Alien grenade point blank on a Sectopod,thinking the sectoid near the Sectopod threw him a stone,since it is a tradition to welcome aliens arriving in Turkey with throwing a stone on their foreheads,thus saving a whole squad in a terror mission at Ankara,Turkey.Literally shitting his pants with the truth that "We are NOT alone" but also "They want our anime,tuna fish and video games too",he had no choice but to stick together in drills.X-Com commanders sent him mostly as cannon fodder,but as a sign of purest luck,this particular fodder seemed to "burst the cannon open".One of his oddities were to confuse "Sectoid" with "Sectopod",which made enough trouble during the conversation leading to his recruitment,not to mention he nearly got eviscerated when he thought he was going to do some "fish gutting",which became a butt of jokes among Veterans:

"Waaaaagh!Cyber Sectoids!Organic Sectopods!HELP!"

Favorite Weapon(s) : Auto-Cannon with incendiary rounds.Destructive Guarantee of ONE HALF OF A CENTURY all three Alien Wars.Has taken interest in Devastator Cannon.Guns?The bigger the better.

Worst weapons : Mines.Worthless,ambush-setting stuff.Fire,kill and forget,thats what I say.