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Hi Rikiswar!

I've been working on a PHP script to automate extracting data from Piratez.rul and link it with en-US.yml, but I think I may not have all the kinks worked out. Specifically, it seems like the transferTime isn't set along with most of the other item data in Piratez.rul - or if it is, I'm missing it. Any idea where I should look? Also, if you're handy with PHP, I'm happy to share my work-in-progress code with you.


So I have looked into the Piratez.rul and screenshot I made of transfer times and I think that there is a default value (24 h) that isn't displayed in the ruleset, but gets applied automatically to the item. Now where that default value is stored, I have no idea. As for the code, I am not good at any amount of programing, so I can not help with that.