Utility Items (Chimera)

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Utility Items are the Items that can be used by Agent at any (or almost any) moment during the battle. Just like the Breaching Items, Utility items can be either bought at Supply or given as the reward after completing the missions.

Non-lethal Grenades


Disorients all hostiles in the blast radius. Warning — despite the description says otherwise, this grenade DOES affect allies as well.

Cease Fire

Disables all weapons in the blast area. Yep, your weapons will go offline as well if they are hit by this grenade.


Creates cloud of dense smoke, giving all units Shrouded bonus, increasing their Defense by +40.


Immobilizes all affected units for 1 round.


Lifts all affected units, removing all their cover bonuses.


Turns all affected units into Berserker state, making them to shoot random target (usually their allies).


Puts all affected units into Stasis for 1 turn.

Lethal Grenades


Deals small damage, shreds the armor and destroys most covers.


Effectively an upgraded Frag grenade – deals medium damage and shreds more armor, as well as destroying almost any cover.


Deals medium damage and sets aflame any organic enemy.


Deals small damage and impairs all affected units with Acid Burn.


Deals small damage and Poisons all affected units.


Stuns all affected units for 1-2 "turns", also deals small damage to robotic units.


Dragon Rounds

Increases damage by +1 and sets any organic target aflame.

Caustic Rounds

Increases damage by +1 and impairs the target with Acid Burn.

Venom Rounds

Increases damage by +1 and Poisons the target.

Bluescreen Rounds

Increases damage by +5 against any robotic unit.

AP Rounds

Allows to shoot through any Armor.

Tracer Rounds

Increases the Aim by +5.

Tranq Rounds

Renders the target Unconscious instead of killing if the last blow was dealt with these rounds.


Nanofiber Vest

Increases the wearer's Health by +1.

Plated Vest

Increases the wearer's Armor by +1.

Mach Weave

Increases the wearer's Dodge by +50.

Adrenaline Weave

Gives the wearer the Lighting Reactions ability, allowing them to ignore the first reaction fire upon them.

Mindshield Vest

Makes the wearer immune to Stunned and Disoriented debuffs.

Infiltrator Weave

Allows the wearer to use Vent breach points.



Heals wounded Agent by 4HP (6HP if Nanomedikit was researched).

Mimic Beacon

Creates the holographic copy of its owner, which will drag enemy attention to it.

Relocation Disk

Allows to change position on the range of 1 AP moving.

Motile Inducer

Gives two action points to affected ally to be used immediately.