Vehicle Traffic (Apocalypse)

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Vehicle Traffic - when people tubes are too pedestrian.

Mega-Primus has city congestion rules which limit airbourne and road traffic to a minimum since a care-free population moved swiftly along the People Tubes to their destination have no need for a vehicle.

Civilian Traffic

When the tubes cannot be used, a vehicle is the only option.
A vehicle using the grav-replusion roadway is a safe and comfortable journey for those which won't use less refined methods of travel or for non-urgent transport of goods.

  • Blazer Turbo Bike: A quick bike made for fun and high speed, available to all.
  • Civilian Car: Refined, private, and expensive option for corporate board members and other high-class very important person types.
  • Autotaxi: The standard when needing to move when people tubes take too long.
  • Autotrans: A road transport of bulk goods.

A go-anywhere vehicle not limited to the road. Not available to citizens as private vehicles for general use.

The Law


Traffic jams and congestion are not of a modern city such as Mega-Primus. The total limit of any vehicle, road or air, is set to a maximum by law.

  • Total of all vehicles active in the city is 80.
  • Absolute maximum vehicle limit for all types of X-Com owned vehicles is 71.
  • Remaining vehicle quantity to reach maximum of eighty is 9.


  • A total of seventy-one X-Com owned vehicles can only be reached if there is no general traffic anywhere, including no police. The city will be completely empty of all vehicles except for one space liner.
  • The set remainder of nine is reserved for company vehicles which launch when a building has been targeted for bombing, transfers between bases (using a maximum of eight Air-Trans), a single off world vehicle (the Space Liner), or any alien craft which appear out of the dimension gates. If a transfer or building-bombing is current, UFO appearance will be limited at that time.
  • X-Com ownership quantities typically start to become limited at around 50 total vehicles. A message will start to commonly appear when nearing the limit: "...back-log of new vehicle registrations...".
  • The backlog message may also appear when too many air-trans vehicles are needed to transfer large amounts of X-Com items between bases.

Note: Destroyed general traffic and police vehicles are commonly replaced by an organisation at the start of a new day (midnight). It may be possible for X-Com to purchase another vehicle to 'steal' the available vehicle-quantity spot which slowly allows reaching the maximum seventy-one limit.