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Platform Title Region Notes Ammo Behaviour Base Def Elerium
unknown X-COM: Michi Naru Shinryakusha Japan source: MobyGames
Amiga UFO: Enemy Unknown Europe verified by Boba, may also have a CD32 version
X-COM: UFO Defense USA source: MobyGames, may also have a CD32 version
DOS UFO: Enemy Unknown Europe 1.3, believed to exist
1.2, verified by Boba, md5 of geoscape.exe is be98b94f3f477181e186a5191a8bf36
something before 1.2 (1.0? 1.1? both? more?), verified by Boba Boba remembers it as being in the 500-1500 range
X-COM: UFO Defense USA 1.4, verified by MikeTheRed
Windows X-COM: UFO Defense Gold Edition USA, verified by Boba, from Hasbro Interactive, believed to be identical to Collector's Edition normal none
Playstation X-COM: Enemy Unknown Europe source: MobyGames
X-COM: UFO Defense USA verified by Boba

"Normal" ammo behaviour means partially-used ammo is lost and unused ammo is retained, regardless of loaded/unloaded or alien/xcom status.

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