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This file is only used by tactical saves. It stores the turn count, map dimensions, possibly the lighting, and information concerning kills and score.

There are 22 values (25 for TFTD) made of 2 bytes each. 44 bytes in total (or 50 for TFTD).


0-1 0x00-0x01 Current turn * 2. First value of play is 2.
2-3 0x02-0x03 Current turn. First value of play is 1.
4-5 0x04-0x05 X dimension of map.
6-7 0x06-0x07 Y dimension of map.
8-9 0x08-0x09 Z dimension of map.
10-11 0x0A-0x0B Values [4-5] and [6-7] multiplied together.
12-13 0x0C-0x0D Seems to be equal to [8-9] - 1.
14-15 0x0E-0x0F MAP Routes count
16-17 0x10-0x11 MCD record count
18-19 0x12-0x13 Alien units killed.
20-21 0x14-0x15 X-Com soldiers lost.
22-23 0x16-0x17 X-Com tanks lost.
24-25 0x18-0x19 Score for killing Aliens.
26-27 0x1A-0x1B Score for losing X-Com units. A negative value.
28-29 0x1C-0x1D Civilians killed by Aliens.
30-31 0x1E-0x1F Civilians killed by X-Com.
The following six entries override the six values in OPTION.DAT when loading the save game:
32-33 0x20-0x21 Scroll speed is six minus this.
34-35 0x22-0x23 X-Com movement speed is six minus this.
36-37 0x24-0x25 Seems to be a mirror of [34-35].
38-39 0x26-0x27 Alien movement speed is six minus this.
40-41 0x28-0x29 Fire speed.
42-43 0x2A-0x2B Scrolling mode:
0: Trigger scroll.
1: Auto-scroll.
The following three entries only exist in TFTD:
44-45 0x2C-0x2D TU reserve for firing:
0: Don't reserve.
1: Reserve for snap shot.
2: Reserve for auto-shot.
3: Reserve for aimed shot.
46-47 0x2E-0x2F TU reserve for kneeling:
0: Don't reserve.
1: Do reserve.
48-49 0x30-0x31 Unknown, always 1?

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