Walking Costs (UFO)

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It takes 4 TUs to cross a tile, unless there is another object upon it that will slow you down:

5 TUs:

Alien Base Garden Ground Shrubs
Urban Garden Bed
Farmland Rough (Heather?)
6 TUs:

Avenger Door
Avenger Ramp  (Different versions of the same ramp are used to build it)
Hollow Tree Stumps
Horizontal Forest Logs
Jungle Ground Shrubs
Urban Shop Floorstock
Farm Wheat Field

Broken Alien Base Food Tanks
Broken Alien Base Garden Walls
Broken Internal UFO Walls
Broken Urban Fences
Broken Urban Furniture
Broken Urban Slide-up Door
Broken Urban Walls
Broken X-COM Base Lamp
Broken X-COM Base Walls
8 TUs:

All Raised Terrain
Dead Forest Tree
Lightning Door
Lightning Power Supply
Mars Craters
Mars Rocks
Polar Ice Columns
UFO Doors
Urban Fire Hydrant
Urban Phone Booth
Urban Post Box
Urban Slide-up Door
Urban Stairs
Urban Trash Can
Urban Tyre
Urban Watering Can
X-COM Base Doors
X-COM Craft Ramps
X-COM Craft Roofs

Broken Alien Entertainment Walls
Broken UFO Hulls
Broken UFO Operating Table
Broken Urban Phone Booth
Broken Urban Stairs
Broken Urban Street Lamp Base
Broken X-COM Base Access Lift Doors
Broken X-COM Base Stairs
10 TUs:

X-COM Base Stairs

Broken Barn Walls
12 TUs:

Barn Doors
Barn Stairs
Farmhouse Stairs
Hay Bales
Urban Doors

Broken X-COM Base Hyperwave Decoder
Broken UFO Power Supply

For more specifics under the hood, see the MCD (Map Control Data) page. There's a link for the full MCD recordset in Section 1.4.1.