Wraith Suit

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Visual representation of the Wraith Suit in the Loadout.

The Wraith Suit is an advanced armor for XCOM units.

A Ranger wearing the Wraith Suit.


  • Health: +6
  • Mobility: +2
  • Dodge: +25


  • Grapple.pngGrapple: This armor mounts a grappling hook and cable on the left arm, permitting rapid elevation change and access to tactically advantageous positions.
  • Wraith ability.pngWraith: Allows the unit to pass directly through obstacles for 2 turns.

Tactical Info

Update once more information is known.


French website Millenium (contains spoilers) http://www.millenium.org/xcom-2/xcom-2/actualites/xcom-2-peter-van-doorn-cheat-codes-the-general-mtj-139405