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With the help of a few UFO parts, a warehouse of Nutrivend synth'o'cola™ and lots of duct tape, X-COM researchers are able to reverse engineer the UFO engines (which appear to be alien even to the aliens) and the transdimensional gate navigational systems. A host of new and very powerful X-COM aircraft is borne from a hybrid of this new alien technology with existing advancements. These new hybrid aircraft are able mimic UFO behaviour in their ability to draw energy from the alien dimension and travel through the Dimension Gates.

Because energy is drawn from the alien world on the other side of the Dimension Gates, hybrid ships never run out of fuel and can hover in air endlessly. (unless the gates are closed abruptly, in which case the ships would lose their power source and plummet to their doom!)

The following is a list of the X-COM made aircraft followed by brief summaries. Refer to their separate sections for more detailed information on each ship.

Apoc dimension probe icon.png Dimension Probe : An unmanned prototype ship that can be armed with light weapons like Light Disruptor Beams. They make excellent swarmer units like Hoverbikes, especially when armed with the light disruptor, thanks to their fairly respectable armour level (they have more armour than a Hawk Air Warrior, but not nearly as much Constitution). Their speed and maneuverability mean that although they are physically very weak, they can dodge most missiles. Set them to Aggressive to chase down faster enemy ships and Evasive when harassing larger enemies. Although originally meant to be a one-shot throw away ship, it never really needs to be built.

Apoc biotrans icon.png Bio-Trans : The Bio-Trans is a flying armoured personnel carrier designed primarily for transporting agents, captured aliens or equipment to and from combat sites. It is not designed for heavy combat but can mount sufficient countermeasures to keep troops safe from harm (in the form of shields &emdash; lots of them). The Bio-Trans comes with four free Cargo Modules and four free Bio- Transport Modules when constructed - sell all but one of each and configure it to your requirements by installing as many passenger modules or shields as needed.

Apoc explorer icon.png Explorer : The Explorer is the first ship designed with combat in mind, though it can also carry a decent amount of agents without modules. It is a fast interdimensional variant of the Hawk Air Warrior with slightly less module space. Weapon hardpoints include one main cannon and two additional long weapon hardpoints. Although not comparable to the Annihilator, this ship can take on anything given sufficient numbers. But then, anything can - it's possible to kill Battleships with enough Valkyries and Hawks, after all.

Apoc retaliator icon.png Retaliator : The Retaliator carries three times the firepower of the Explorer and has as much upgrade module space comparable with the Hawk Air Warrior (4x4). Its forward gun and both side guns are 2x3 in shape, fitting a medium disruptor, stock disruption missile, Stasis Bomb Launcher, or anything smaller. The Retaliator is versatile and relatively fast.

Apoc annihilator icon.png Annihilator : The Annihilator is the be-all-and-end-all of the interdimensional gunships, the pinnacle of human and alien engineering. Its forward gun mount is grand in dimensions, and the only aircraft hardpoint that is able to use a Heavy Disruptor Beam that are normally found on alien capital ships. It contains 6x12 upgrade slots, by far the largest of any vehicle. This allows the ship to be reconfigured into any role thinkable. As the Annihilator's role is clearly designed to be an all-out assault vehicle, this space is well suited to be storing a huge array of large and small disruptor shields. A single Annihilator under manual control is quite capable of easily leveling the entire city, although as amusing as that may be, it's not what you're being paid for.

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