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This file is a dynamic list of the chances that the aliens will conduct a mission in a particular zone. There are 12 zones. If a priority of a zone is zero, the zone will only get terror attacks.

offset	zone (EU)	zone (TFTD)		priority
0	North America	North Atlantic		12
1	Arctic		South Atlantic		04
2	Antarctic	North Pacific		04
3	South America	South Pacific		0a
4	Europe		Mediterranean		10
5	North Africa	South China Sea		0c
6	South Africa	Indian Ocean		08
7	Central Asia	Sea of Japan		0c
8	Southeast Asia	North Sea		0f
9	Siberia		Caribbean		0a
0xa	Australia	Antarctic		0a
0xb	Pacific (+Rest)	Arctic (+Rest)		05

Once all these missions (research, harvest, abduction, infiltration, and base creation) have been performed in a particular zone, the value for that zone in this file is set to zero.

See Also

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