Zephyr (Chimera)

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Agent Zephyr
Agent Zephyr
Officially “created” in 2021 per ADVENT records, Zephyr served as a loyal, mind-controlled ADVENT soldier until she was mentally liberated by a resistance faction, the Skirmishers. She joined the cause of her saviors and fought alongside XCOM until the war’s end.

Zephyr is a living weapon and one of Chimera Squad’s most brutal melee combatants. She can pummel enemies with brute force, parry incoming damage, then vanish across the battlefield with her blink-and-you-miss-it mobility.

Zephyr is a hybrid and former human who fought for ADVENT during the occupation. Zephyr was separated from the psionic network by the Skirmishers resistance faction later in the occupation, and fought with the Skirmishers against ADVENT during the war. Following her failure to discover anything about her pre-hybrid life, she joined Chimera Squad in the hopes of finding a new purpose in life.

Zephyr has no means of attacking from long range and cannot upgrade her weapon, but is nevertheless able to deal heavy damage in melee. Enemies not killed outright by her attacks are likely to suffer from the debuffs that they can inflict, allowing teammates to finish them off easily. She also possesses excellent mobility, allowing her to move quickly between targets or reach cover before enemies can retaliate.

Rank Ability
Cadet Crippling Blow
Zephyr performs a melee attack that has a chance to stun, disorient, disarm, or root. This attack cannot miss, and will also activate Momentum.
Zephyr can move after performing Crippling Strike, and is immune to being rooted.
Fearless Advance

Instead of firing during Breach Mode, Zephyr runs towards the enemy and performs a melee attack, positioning her near the enemy. If the targeted enemy was Alert, their Alert breach action will be cancelled.

Deputy Agent Parry
Zephyr can forgo moving when Momentum is active to nullify all damage from the next enemy attack.
Field Agent Lockdown
Zephyr automatically attacks enemies that enter melee range or try to use a melee attack.
Pressure Point
Killing blows knock enemies unconscious instead, and attacks deal +1 damage.
Special Agent Crowd Control
Attacks all enemies in a wide area with kicks and punches. 2 turn cooldown.
Senior Agent Moving Target
Subdue and Crowd Control benefit from Momentum, and Zephyr no longer triggers Overwatch.
Vital Strike
Melee attacks bypass armor.
Principal Agent Reaper

Downing an enemy with a melee attack allows an extra action, but each subsequent melee attack deals reduced damage. 4 turn cooldown.

Training (Special Agent) Unlock Potential

+2 mobility.

Training (Principal Agent) High Impact

Crowd Control applies a random debuff to targets.