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* [[Vehicle Weapons (Apocalypse)|Vehicle Weapons]]
* [[Vehicle Weapons (Apocalypse)|Vehicle Weapons]]
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* [[Megapol]]
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[[Category: Apocalypse]]

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The 40mm Auto Cannon, image from the UFOpaedia

The 40mm Auto Cannon is a small sized machine gun for aircraft. It is standard armament for new Hoverbikes.

This weapon is often underrated. What this weapon lacks in firepower it makes up for with good performance. Though the individual bullets do minimal damage it is made up with a high rate of fire and a high ammunition capacity. More importantly, it is the most accurate projectile weapon you have access to at the beginning of the game, with an impressive 70% base accuracy rating.

A small group of hoverbikes armed with 40mm Auto Cannons can easily bring down the earlier scout craft in the game and can even prove to be a nuisance to the larger ones later on by being able to tear apart their disrupter shields.

An additional perk of the 40mm auto cannon's low damage is that it will not cause a lot of property damage to the city during intense air combat.

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