40mm Auto Cannon (Apocalypse)

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40mm Auto Cannon
The standard cannon for police and military vehicles; it fires a high velocity armor piercing shell.
40mm Cannon Apoc.png
Source: X-COM Apocalypse Ufopedia

The 40mm Auto Cannon is a small sized machine gun for aircraft. It is standard armament for new Hoverbikes.

This weapon is essentially useless. It fires projectiles that are too slow to hit the smaller agile alien craft, yet too weak to pierce the armor of larger UFOs. Hoverbikes will be better served by using lasers and missiles. Perhaps its only effective use is against larger conventional craft, which you will likely never have to worry about all game. What the Auto Cannon lacks in utility, it makes up by coming with a free load of ammo on every Hoverbike, which can be sold separately for a base refund of $1500.

A small group of Hoverbikes armed with 40mm Auto Cannons can bring down the earlier scout craft in the game and can even prove to be a nuisance to the larger ones later on by tearing down their disruptor shields. Set Hoverbikes to aggressive mode to maximize their damage.

An additional perk of the 40mm auto cannon's low damage is that it will not cause a lot of property damage to the city during intense air combat.


  • Size: 1 × 2
  • Weight: 60
  • Damage: 10
  • Accuracy: 70%
  • Firing Arc: 90 degrees
  • Range: 175m
  • Fire Rate: 6.00 r/s
  • Projectile Speed: 20
  • Base Price: $500
  • Minimum Weekly Stock: 7
  • Maximum Weekly Stock: 24
  • Manufacturer: Megapol
  • Ammo: Multi-Cannon Round
    • Ammo Capacity: 300
    • Ammo Base Price: $5
    • Minimum Weekly Stock: 400
    • Maximum Weekly Stock: 1500

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