ADVENT Drone (LW2)

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Force Level
Pod Max
Advent drone.png
Armor 1 - 3 Health 3 - 8
Mobility 18 Detection Radius 15 - 18
Aim 55 - 60 Armor Piercing 0
Crit Chance 0 Defense 10 - 25
Dodge 0 Will 50
Hack Defense 30 - 50

ADVENT drones are the first mechanical enemy you'll encounter fielded by ADVENT, likely in your first missions. They can be found accompanying ADVENT soldiers and also roving around ADVENT cities on their own.

The ability to shut down solo drones is a very useful task for a specialist when attempting stealth missions, since a successful hack will not break concealment. However, take care when taking control of a drone, as it may spot and activate a pod that was previously outside of XCOM's line of sight.

Combat-wise drones are very weak offensively, having a high chance stun at melee range, or a very inaccurate disorient at range. Defensively they are relatively strong however, with constant defense from flying and armor.

Their hack defense is the weakest of the ADVENT mechanical units, and hacked drones make good distractions, likely absorbing a few shots that would otherwise be aimed at your soldiers.

Advent also fields a combat-spec drone, the Hunter drone, with more health, armor and a stronger drone beam.

ADVENT Drone Abilities
Ability Rank Required
Mechanical Chassis
This unit is immune to fire and poison damage.
Surveillance Drone (Mk1)
UIPerk lightningfield.png
Drone Shock
Intended to pacify civilians, this effect does minimal damage and only disorients.
Surveillance Drone (Mk1)
UIPerk stun.png
Stun an adjacent unit for 4 actions.
Surveillance Drone (Mk1)
UIPerk repair.png
Repair any nearby mechanical unit.
Surveillance Drone (Mk1)
  • Patrolling drones have a habit of flying through windows, even when not on alert.
  • Drone beam is their only ranged attack, and they cannot enter overwatch.
ADVENT Drone Potential Tactical Dark Events
Ability Effected Ranks Chance to Adopt While Active
Center Mass
All ranks 16%
Iron Skin
Iron Skin
All ranks 100%