ADVENT Gunner (LW2)

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The ADVENT Gunner is a trooper variant that carries a machine gun. They serve much the same role as XCOM's gunner, suppression and direct fire support.

ADVENT Gunner Abilities
Ability Rank Required
Fire a barrage that pins down a target, grants reaction fire against it if it moves, restricts the use of many abilities, and imposes a -25 penalty to the target's aim.
Gunner (Mk1)
Area Suppression
Fire a barrage that pins down multiple targets within a 4-tile radius, granting reaction fire against anyone that moves, and imposing a -25 penalty to all targets' aim until suppression is removed. Cannot be used when concealed.
Gunner (Mk1)
Traverse Fire
After taking a standard shot with your primary weapon with your first action, you may take an additional non-movement action.
Elite Gunner (Mk3)
ADVENT Gunner Potential Tactical Dark Events
Ability Effected Ranks Chance to Adopt While Active
Center Mass
All ranks 16%
Grazing Fire
All ranks 33%
All ranks 15%