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The ADVENT MEC is an enemy unit in XCOM 2.They appear in the base game.


ADVENT MECs are fully automated units, with high health and heavy armor. Their Magnetic Cannon is substantially better than an ADVENT Trooper's Magnetic Rifle, shredding a layer of Armour, and they're quite durable. They cannot use cover. ADVENT MECs are also armed with Micro Missiles, which are a trio of missiles that do medium damage, but have a wide area of effect and destroy cover very well. They can jump over walls and onto roofs.


Shredding the armor from a MEC through explosives or other means will make it a lot easier to destroy. As fully mechanized units, MECs are immune to psionic attacks that affect minds like Insanity, but are vulnerable to the Specialist's Haywire Protocol ability, Bluescreen Rounds, and EMP Bombs.

Advanced Forms

ADVENT MECs will be replaced by ADVENT Heavy MECs later in the campaign. Heavy MECs are painted deep red and have improved stats and an additional salvo of missiles, but are otherwise the same.


As a mechanical unit, its autopsy is called a "Breakdown".

It reveals that these units are intended for urban pacification purposes. Their weaponry in normal states is disguised, and it runs facial scans on crowds at microsecond intervals.

The GREMLIN MK2 is unlocked from this project, and Proving Grounds get a new project called "Bluescreen Protocol", which in turn unlocks Bluescreen Rounds and EMP Grenades.