ADVENT Purifier (XCOM2)

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ADVENT Purifier
Aim 65/65/70/70
Critchance 0/0/10/10
Defense {{{defense}}}
Health 4/5/6/6
Mobility 12/12/12/12
Will 50/50/50/50
Tech 125/125/125/125

The ADVENT Purifier is a specialist ADVENT soldier first introduced in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen. Originally developed to reclaim old cities from The Lost, they are equipped with flamethrowers and incendiary grenades.


The Purifier's flamethrower is identical to the heavy weapon that X-COM can use, and just as adept at setting your troops on fire. It is also immune to burning and poison.


The Purifier will use its grenades on clustered soldiers, and will use its flamethrower to flush them out of cover or burn them. When killed, it has a 50% chance to explode (guaranteed if killed using an explosive).

Tactical Analysis

Due to its exclusive use of fire and explosives, a Psi Operative with Fortress will be completely invulnerable to all of a Purifier's attacks. SPARKs and soldiers with Hazmat Vests will be similarly protected.

The Purifier's death explosion can be used to greatly weaken a pod if it can be killed with a single explosive attack.