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The AJAX Torpedo is the standard weapon of undersea combat the world over. Employed as an accurate and powerful deterrent against human submersible craft, it has reached its limits against the Alien Subs.

Like the Stingray missile used in UFO, TFTD's AJAX torpedo is capable of downing Small and Medium Alien Subs, often without risk of retaliation. However, expect to spend most of the clip to bring down larger craft, because the AJAX does not have quite as much punch as the Stingray of the First Alien War, although it does have a longer range.

Cruisers have a range of 35 km; expect to take damage if a AJAX-armed craft attempts to intercept them.

The AJAX is not an effective weapon against Large and Very Large Alien Subs.

Vital Statistics

Range:32 km
Reload Time (Official):17 game seconds
Reload Time (actual):16x/12x/8x slower than Gas Cannon (Cau/Std/Agg) ( = 48/36/24 game seconds)
Ammunition Used:AJAX Torpedo; $3000 each; 48 hour delivery
Rearm Rate:1 per hour per craft

The AJAX Torpedo Launcher costs $16,000, delivery time from purchase is 48 game hours.

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