Abductor (EU2012)

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Abductor Airborne (EU2012).png
Size Large
Weapon UFO Plasma II
Speed 2000
Engagement Speed 17
Health Points 1800/1800/2200/2200
Armor 5/5/10/13
Armor Penetration 3
First Appearance May (Vanilla)
June (Marathon)


Abductor (EU2012).png

This UFO will be announced by Bradford as being "much larger than the UFOs we have previously encountered". You'll need an Interceptor with an upgraded weapon to take one down consistently (4 x Avalanche Missiles, 2 x Phoenix Cannon or 1 x Laser Cannon should be enough). The UFO itself is composed of multiple levels, including operating tables and stasis pods.

Alien Deployment

  • 2-3 / 4-5 groups of alien troops.
  • 1-2 command aliens on the bridge.
    • Either right past the door (and a little to the left), or down in the lower bay of the bridge)