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[[File:Abductor_FarmOutskirts.png|right|thumb|256px|Abductor Farm Outskirts loading screen]]
{{Map Data Box (EU2012)
|missions=Landed UFO
|length=98 tiles
* Landed UFO
|width=46 tiles
|area=4508 tiles
'''Map Dimensions'''
* Length: 98 tiles
* Width: 46 tiles
* Height: 4 tiles
* Total map area: 4508 tiles
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* A crashed UFO with the Abductor layout
* A crashed UFO with the Abductor layout
[[File:Farm Outskirts1 (EU2012).png|thumb|256px|Abductor Farm Outskirts overview]]
<gallery widths=200px heights=150px perrow=4>
File:Abductor_FarmOutskirts.png|Loading screen
[[File:Farm Outskirts2 (EU2012).png|thumb|256px|Abductor Farm Outskirts opposite overview]]
File:Farm Outskirts1 (EU2012).png|Overview
File:Farm Outskirts2 (EU2012).png|Opposite overview
[[File:Farm Outskirts3 (EU2012).png|thumb|256px|Abductor Farm Outskirts alternate LZ overview]]
File:Farm Outskirts3 (EU2012).png|Alternate LZ overview
{{Template:Maps Navbar (EU2012)}}
{{Template:Maps Navbar (EU2012)}}

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Missions Landed UFO
Length 98 tiles
Width 46 tiles
Area 4508 tiles


  • The starting location may be along several edges of the map
  • A crashed UFO with the Abductor layout
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