Abilities (Chimera)

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During their turn, an agent can use one of their unique skills or activate a General Ability, which is an action all agents have access to.

General Abilities

Icon Ability Description
FireWeapon(Chimera).png FIRE WEAPON All agents except Zephyr can use their action to fire their default weapon.
Reload(Chimera).png RELOAD Allows an agent to replenish their weapon if they run out of bullets during an Encounter.
Overwatch(Chimera).png OVERWATCH Directs an agent to monitor a cone-shaped field and shoot the first enemy to enter. Activating Overwatch ends an agent’s turn.
Subdue(Chimera).png SUBDUE Deals a small amount of nonlethal damage. If it reduces an enemy to 0 HP, they are rendered Unconscious rather than being killed. Always has a 100% chance to hit, but requires agents be adjacent to the target. Activating Subdue ends an agent’s turn.
Preparation(Chimera).png PREPARATION Increases an agent’s Defense and Dodge and moves their next turn earlier in the Timeline; if the agent is Burning, the effect will be cured. Activating Preparation ends an agent’s turn.
UseItem(Chimera).png USE ITEM Agents can be equipped with a variety of utility items to use during combat. These items grant effects like healing, shielding, teleportation, and even Timeline shifts. Some cost an action to use, while others can be used for free.
Interact(Chimera).png INTERACT Allows agents to interact with an object, such as opening a door or using a computer terminal.
Stabilize(Chimera).png STABILIZE Prevents an ally who is Bleeding Out from dying. Can only be used in melee range or via a robotic drone called a GREMLIN.
TeamUp(Chimera).png TEAM UP Spends one of an agent’s actions to shift another agent up the Timeline. The shifted teammate will act as soon as the current agent’s turn resolves. This ability can only be used once per Mission.
Evac(Chimera).png EVAC Appears only when an agent is in a marked Evac Zone; evacuates the agent to safety.