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Achievements are separate goals or personal achievement trophies that you can earn as you play the game. These are obtained automatically through the normal progression of the game or by performing difficult tasks under harsh conditions.

These achievements provide no direct in-game benefits and can be collected at your leisure. They are mainly provided for players that wish to collect everything that can be collected and to perform everything that can be conceivably performed in the game.

The achievement lists are slightly different depending on the platform you're playing on - Bubonic is only available to PC players, whilst Poison Control is only for consolers. The You Win trophy is PS3-only. Steam offers a list of achievements with the percentages of PC players who have obtained them.

Unless otherwise specified, all achievements must be obtained whilst playing single player, but under any difficulty. Use of heroes will disable achievements for your campaign (even for missions that they don't attend). Achievement titles in dark cells are hidden until unlocked.

Original XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Image Name Description Xbox Gamerscore PS3 Trophy Notes
You Win (EU2012).jpg You Win Gain all trophies. - Platinum Obtained after all other trophies are earned. PS3 only.
Meet New People Then Kill Them (EU2012).jpg Meet New People.
Then Kill Them.
Win a multiplayer match. 25 Gamescore.png Bronze Doesn't have to be ranked.
No Looking Back (EU2012).jpg No Looking Back Beat the game in Ironman on Classic or Impossible Difficulty. 100 Gamescore.png Gold
Xavier (EU2012).jpg Xavier Mind control an Ethereal alien. Single player only. 10 Gamescore.png Silver Psi Armor, Mind Shield, and a Psi Inspiration boost make this feasable.
Humanitys Savior (EU2012).jpg Humanity's Savior Beat the game on any difficulty. 30 Gamescore.png Bronze
Earth First (EU2012).jpg Earth First Beat the game on Classic difficulty. 60 Gamescore.png Silver
Our Finest Hour (EU2012).jpg Our Finest Hour Complete the game on Impossible difficulty. 90 Gamescore.png Gold Note that it doesn't say "on Ironman."
Lone Wolf (EU2012).jpg Lone Wolf Clear a UFO Crash Site with one soldier on Classic or Impossible difficulty. 20 Gamescore.png Silver You must only use one soldier, and it is not recommended that you have Ironman mode turned on while going for this achievement. Taking control of additional units via Mind Control is allowed. Heavy or Assault reccomended. An early Small Scout UFO crash is ideal. Most quickly done on Classic softcore with the Not Created Equally second wave option, just reroll the starting Meld Tutorial mission until you get an Assault squaddie with 80+ Aim after the first mission, you'll soon have a Small Scout. Now add Medkit and Assault Rifle and... Save. Often.
Bada Boom (EU2012).jpg Bada Boom Kill 50 aliens with explosive weapons. 10 Gamescore.png Bronze
Welcoming Committee (EU2012).jpg Welcoming Committee Kill 150 aliens. 20 Gamescore.png Bronze
Pale Horse (EU2012).jpg Pale Horse Kill 500 aliens. 50 Gamescore.png Silver This can be done over several playthroughs.
Shooting Stars (EU2012).jpg Shooting Stars Shoot down 40 UFOs. 35 Gamescore.png Silver This can be done over several playthroughs.
Aint No Cavalry Comin (EU2012).jpg Ain't No Cavalry Comin' Have a soldier survive every mission in a full game. 50 Gamescore.png Silver One soldier must participate in every mission undertaken in the game, from the tutorial or first mission to the final mission. If they miss one (e.g. due to being stuck in the infirmary) then the achievement becomes void.
As A Scalpel (EU2012).jpg As A Scalpel Earn the "Excellent" rating in every performance category on a terror mission. 25 Gamescore.png Bronze At minimum you must save 14 civilians to get an excellent rating in the third category, and lose no XCOM soldiers to get excellent in the second category.
Edison (EU2012).jpg Edison In a single game, complete every research project. 25 Gamescore.png Bronze
Angel of Death (EU2012).jpg Angel of Death Kill an alien while flying. Single Player only. 10 Gamescore.png Bronze Archangel Armor or HoverSHIV, of course.
All Employees Must Wash Hands (EU2012).jpg All Employees Must Wash Hands In a single game, complete every autopsy. 10 Gamescore.png Bronze
Beyond the Veil (EU2012).jpg Beyond the Veil Find a soldier with the Gift. 10 Gamescore.png Bronze Obtained through story progression.
Prisoner of War (EU2012).jpg Prisoner of War Capture a live alien. 10 Gamescore.png Bronze Obtained through story progression.
The Gatekeeper (EU2012).jpg The Gatekeeper Stun an Outsider. 10 Gamescore.png Bronze Obtained through story progression.
X Marks the Spot (EU2012).jpg X Marks the Spot Uncover the alien base's location. 10 Gamescore.png Bronze Obtained through story progression.
See All Know All (EU2012).jpg See All, Know All Build the Hyperwave Relay. 10 Gamescore.png Bronze Obtained through story progression.
On the Shoulders of Giants (EU2012).jpg On the Shoulders of Giants Build the Gollop Chamber. 10 Gamescore.png Bronze Obtained through story progression.
Ride the Lightning (EU2012).jpg Ride the Lightning Build a Firestorm. 10 Gamescore.png Bronze
Eye in the Sky (EU2012).jpg Eye in the Sky Launch a Satellite. 5 Gamescore.png Bronze
All Together Now (EU2012).jpg All Together Now Get satellite coverage over every country in one continent. 10 Gamescore.png Bronze
Hunter Killer (EU2012).jpg Hunter/Killer In a single game, shoot down one of each alien craft. 15 Gamescore.png Bronze Modules are helpful in taking down Battleships. Also, you can send more than 1 Interceptor after a single UFO, but they have to take turns (previous one has to return to base or be destroyed, before sending the next).
Man No More (EU2012).jpg Man No More Build a suit of powered armor. 10 Gamescore.png Bronze
Bubonic (EU2012).jpg Bubonic Play a multiplayer match against someone with this achievement. - - Only exists for PC players, replacing Poison Control.
Bubonic (EU2012).jpg Poison Control Cure poison on five soldiers in a single mission. Single player only. 10 Gamescore.png Bronze Only exists for console players, replacing Bubonic. You may cure the same soldier five times to earn this achievement. Note that Thin Men release poison on death, which is much easier to use then relying on them to fire poison spit.
We Happy Few (EU2012).jpg We Happy Few Complete a mission without losing a soldier. 10 Gamescore.png Bronze
The Hardest Road (EU2012).jpg The Hardest Road Advance one soldier to Colonel rank. 10 Gamescore.png Silver
Worth Every Penny (EU2012).jpg Worth Every Penny Acquire 1000 credits in one month. 20 Gamescore.png Bronze Most easily done with global satellite coverage.
Oppenheimer (EU2012).jpg Oppenheimer Staff the research labs with 80 scientists. 20 Gamescore.png Bronze
One Gun at a Time (EU2012).jpg One Gun at a Time Staff the engineering department with 80 engineers. 20 Gamescore.png Bronze
Skunkworks (EU2012).jpg Skunkworks In a single game, complete every Foundry project. 20 Gamescore.png Bronze "Skunk Works" is the alias of Lockheed Martin's Advanced Development Programs division, responsible for the SR-71 "Blackbird" jet.
You Have 5 Seconds to Comply (EU2012).jpg You Have 5 Seconds to Comply Build a S.H.I.V. 10 Gamescore.png Bronze [1]
Theory (EU2012).jpg Theory... Build a laboratory. 10 Gamescore.png Bronze
And Practice (EU2012).jpg ...and Practice Build a workshop. 10 Gamescore.png Silver
Wet Work (EU2012).jpg Wet Work Complete a Very Difficult abduction mission in five turns or less on Classic or Impossible. 10 Gamescore.png Bronze Once you're familiar with the size of some of the different maps in the game, wait until you recognise that you've been dropped into a small one before attempting this.
A Continental Fellow (EU2012).jpg A Continental Fellow Win a game from each of the 5 starting locations. 50 Gamescore.png Silver Five separate games must be completed, with your starting base situated in each of the different continents. Surprisingly, Steam statistics reports this as having among the lowest completion rates, even below Finest Hour and No Looking Back completion.
What Wonders Await (EU2012).jpg What Wonders Await Complete a research project. 5 Gamescore.png Bronze
Up and Running (EU2012).jpg Up and Running Build a base facility. 5 Gamescore.png Bronze
Combat Ready (EU2012).jpg Combat Ready Build an item. 5 Gamescore.png Bronze
Drums in the Deep (EU2012).jpg Drums in the Deep Gain access to the lowest level in your base. 10 Gamescore.png Bronze "Drums in the Deep South," a 1951 film, involved a Confederate artillery brigade entrenched in Devil's Mountain, with the Union forces (land)mining into the rock to blow the mountaintop off entirely. May also refer to "The Lord of the Rings" where the Dwarves of Moria describe their last stand: "We cannot get out. The end comes. Drums, drums in the deep. They are coming."
Happy to Oblige (EU2012).jpg Happy to Oblige Fulfil a Council request. 15 Gamescore.png Bronze
And Hells Coming With Me (EU2012).jpg And Hell's Coming With Me Successfully assault an Overseer UFO. 10 Gamescore.png Bronze Obtained through story progression.
Off My Planet (EU2012).jpg Off My Planet Recover a Hyperwave Beacon. 25 Gamescore.png Silver Obtained through story progression.
Tables Turned (EU2012).jpg Tables Turned Shoot down a UFO. 10 Gamescore.png Bronze
And So It Begins (EU2012).jpg And So It Begins... Complete the tutorial mission. 15 Gamescore.png Bronze Tutorial mode must be enabled (not on Impossible Difficulty).
The Volunteer (EU2012).jpg The Volunteer Make contact with the Ethereal hive mind. 10 Gamescore.png Bronze Obtained through story progression.
Flight of the valkyries (EU2012).jpg Flight of the Valkyries Complete a mission with an all female squad. Single player only. 10 Gamescore.png Bronze Can be obtained on your very first mission (without tutorial) depending on soldier generation.


Image Name Description Xbox Gamerscore PS3 Trophy Notes
The following five achievements require the Slingshot DLC.
New Friend (EU2012).jpg New Friend Complete Friends in Low Places. 10 Gamescore.png Bronze
Bait the Hook (EU2012).jpg Bait the Hook Complete Confounding Light. 10 Gamescore.png Bronze
The Bigger They Are (EU2012).jpg The Bigger They Are Complete Gangplank. 20 Gamescore.png Silver
Rising Dragon (EU2012).jpg Rising Dragon Take your new ally into the final challenge. 30 Gamescore.png Gold Shaojie Zhang must attend the final mission of the campaign (as opposed to the final mission of the Slingshot DLC), does not need to be The Volunteer. Make him more suitable for endgame by purchasing OTS's Iron Will before leveling him. Second Wave's "Hidden Potential" might also give him larger stat increases.
All Aboard (EU2012).jpg All Aboard! Complete Confounding Light with three or more turns left. 30 Gamescore.png Silver Not all aliens need to be killed: simply place the 4 transmitters, and get 1 soldier into the train conductor's cabin. It is easier if you have purchased both squad upgrades and have a leveled team: in vanilla EU, you can delay it by repeated Slingslot mission failures (and dealing with the consequences...), and in Enemy Within, this mission is hardcoded to occur in May, which gives plenty of time to build your squad. A MEC does well in this mission for this achievement; as that trooper can ignore cover and Thin Men poison.

Enemy Within DLC

Image Name Description Xbox Gamerscore PS3 Trophy Notes
The following 30 achievements require the Enemy Within DLC.
Anger Management (EU2012).jpg Anger Management Proc Combat Rush on the entire squad (min. 4) 20 Gamescore.png Have at least 1 soldier (easier with 2) with the Adrenal Neurosympathy genetic mod on a mission. 'Pheromones' have significant range, so no need to risk Grenade Bait formations; just be close enough to have all squad members to be affected.
Rise of the Machines (EU2012).jpg Rise of the Machines Field a squad consisting entirely of augmented soldiers and SHIVs (min. 4) and win the mission 20 Gamescore.png
Mutatis Mutandis (EU2012).jpg Mutatis Mutandis Field a squad where all members have at least two modifications (min. 4) and win the mission 20 Gamescore.png
Mental Minefield (EU2012).jpg Mental Minefield Kill an enemy as it is psionically attacking you in single player 40 Gamescore.png Neural Feedback's base damage is 7, about double if your soldier wins the Will Save roll. Weaken the Sectoid Commander/Ethereal before its turn.
Tingling Sensation (EU2012).jpg Tingling Sensation Kill an unseen enemy detected by a specially modified soldier in single player 40 Gamescore.png In battle, soldiers with Bioelectric Skin can detect enemies behind doors and walls and such. Use of high explosives (and hoping it's a low-HP alien) is the easiest way to get this.
Steel Martyr (EU2012).jpg Steel Martyr Deploy three tactical subsystems on a single soldier in single player 40 Gamescore.png Fully upgrade a MEC unit's Power Armor
Enemy Within (EU2012).jpg Enemy Within Get a Soldier to have 5 modifications in single player 20 Gamescore.png
Who Needs Limbs (EU2012).jpg Who Needs Limbs? Augment a soldier in single player 20 Gamescore.png
A Little Bit Alien (EU2012).jpg A Little Bit Alien Modify a soldier in single player 20 Gamescore.png
Mind the Step (EU2012).jpg Mind the Step Jump two stories in one move in single player 20 Gamescore.png Muscle Fiber Density Gen Mod. Find a map with two buildings of differing heights adjacent to each other. Easy.
Someone Your Own Size (EU2012).jpg Someone Your Own Size Kill a Muton Berserker in melee combat in single player 20 Gamescore.png MEC unit with Kinetic Punch
The Meld Squad (EU2012).jpg The Meld Squad Field a fully enhanced squad and win the mission 20 Gamescore.png Gen Modded squad, at least one each. Essentialy the prereq to Mutatis Mutandis
By Our Powers Combined (EU2012).jpg By Our Powers Combined Field a squad with 4 augmented soldiers, each with a different base ability and win the mission 40 Gamescore.png Requires 4 MEC soldiers who were originally one of each class. Can be done with Rise Of The Machines.
Nice Cover (EU2012).jpg Nice Cover Use Collateral Damage to blow up a car in single player 20 Gamescore.png Requires a MEC soldier
Taking A Load Off (EU2012).jpg Taking A Load Off Stop a squad member from suffocating in single player 20 Gamescore.png
Shieldbuster (EU2012).jpg Shieldbuster Eliminate an enemy's shield and kill it on the same turn in single player 20 Gamescore.png Works even if softened up in the turns before the shield is raised.
Guardian of Earth (EU2012).jpg Guardian of Earth Designate a highly decorated soldier as the Volunteer 100 Gamescore.png Medals are acquired through missions. There seems to be a limit on how many medals can be acquired. Riskiest medal is the one that requires a soldier to die or be Critically Wounded. After the cap is reached, it seems no more are given.
Best way to obtain this Achievement is to save 1 of each medal until you have your PSI Soldier and then give him the 5 medals before making him the Volunteer.
Pain in the Neck (EU2012).jpg Pain in the Neck Cause an enemy to suicide 40 Gamescore.png This is done by successfully stunning an EXALT enemy using an Arc Thrower
An Army Of Four (EU2012).jpg An Army Of Four Beat the game without buying a Squad Size upgrade (Classic+ difficulty) 100 Gamescore.png
Solid Prospect (EU2012).jpg Solid Prospect Complete Deluge 20 Gamescore.png Progeny (Slingshot type Council mission)
A fight across a dam that's on the brink of collapsing. Advance across the top of the dam and secure the transport vehicle on the far side. Wiping out all aliens is not required.
Great Minds Think Alike (EU2012).jpg Ours are the Furies Complete Furies 20 Gamescore.png Progeny (Slingshot type Council mission)
A landed Abductor in a snowy level: there is a unique command console in the middle room, just outside the bridge's door. Destroy or deactivate it.
Remington (EU2012).jpg Remington… Max Remington Have your special-duty soldier kill three enemies in the same mission 40 Gamescore.png Flanking and grenades help, especially if, with Training Roulette, they're a pistol-carrying class with Grenadier (normally only Heavies). Tactical Rigging from the Foundry is also a big help. Having your full-kit soldiers soften targets is key. Pistol foundry projects are extremely helpful as well, laser or plasma depending on EXALT's tech.
Elite Defense (EU2012).jpg Elite Defense Beat a new special mission without losing any assets 40 Gamescore.png Simply lock down the Encoder and kill all EXALT forces. They can't do anything to the Transmitter even if they find it before breaking the Encoder.
G’day (EU2012).jpg G’day Kill an elite enemy Sniper with one of your own snipers in single player 20 Gamescore.png
Regenerate This (EU2012).jpg Regenerate This Kill an elite enemy Medic with explosive damage in single player 20 Gamescore.png
All Hands on Deck (EU2012).jpg All Hands on Deck Get at least 4 kills with XCOM Base Security personnel 20 Gamescore.png Base Security are in blue-tint armor. They're essentially Rookies, so beware of Panic chains. Their Assault Rifles have a base damage of 4, so they're 1 point less useless than what you're saddled with in the first mission. The easiest way to get this is to get Tactical Rigging so they carry two frag grenades and throw them around liberally at low HP aliens.
Apotheosis Denied (EU2012).jpg Apotheosis Denied Deal with the newest global threat 100 Gamescore.png After "Where In The World", clear out the EXALT base
They Shall Not Pass (EU2012).jpg They Shall Not Pass Eliminate all alien waves 20 Gamescore.png Complete Base Defense
Zom-B-Gone (EU2012).jpg Zom-B-Gone Eradicate the infestation 20 Gamescore.png Complete Site Recon, aka "Operation: Run Like A Bitch"
Where in The World (EU2012).jpg Where in the World Make certain of the new threat's location 40 Gamescore.png Either through Intelligence scans or in response to EXALT attacks (at the great risk of lost money, lost research, and Panic gains), sucessfully complete at least 3 covert operations to gain clues to open the chance to accuse a country of harboring the EXALT base. You can do more Covert ops untill all 15 other countries are deduced out (or save scum and go one by one)


Image Name Description Xbox Gamerscore PS3 Trophy Notes
The following five achievements were removed from Steam 8th Jan 2013. Two of them have returned in the Enemy Within DLC with different names (Disaster Averted as Solid Prospect and Great Minds Think Alike as Ours Are The Furies)
No Sweat (EU2012).jpg No Sweat Complete Deluge without activating more than 2 valves. ??? ??? Deluge in EW has a turn limit, due to it being on a damaged Dam: opening valves releases water, thus extending the time before it breaks. While it is possible to complete the mission without opening more than two valves, it will not unlock the achievement, and thus, it has truly been removed
Saved to Savior (EU2012).jpg Saved to Savior Have your newest ally volunteer for the most difficult duty. ??? ??? Similar to Shaojie Zhang's Rising Dragon, except Annette needs to become the Volunteer. There is no achievement for volunteering Annette in Enemy Within, suggesting that this achievement was removed for good.
Disaster Averted (EU2012).jpg Disaster Averted Complete Deluge. ??? ???
The Chase Is On (EU2012).jpg The Chase Is On Complete Portent. ??? ??? Replaced with the achievement-less mission of finding/escorting the EXALT survivor of a damaged convoy. The sequence of achievements seems to indicate that Portent was originally intended to take place after Deluge.
Great Minds Think Alike (EU2012).jpg Great Minds Think Alike Complete Furies. ??? ???