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Security is a very important issue for a base when it contains vital personnel and technology. Advanced Security Stations provide the best protection for base facilities. Weapon emplacements are based on Alien Disruptor technology.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia
Advanced Security Station

Advanced Security Station

  • Layout Size: 1 x 1
  • Build Time: 4 days
  • Cost: $8,000
  • Maintenance: $300
  • Turrets: 4
  • Armament: Disruptor
Advanced Security Station, Base View, Level 4

Note: The base view image (left) is at level four. It shows the orientation of the four (orange) turrets.

An advanced security station is used to attack base invaders without having to expose X-Com agents to hostile entities.

An important facility to limit an enemy from exploring your base, and if any are present, limit the chance of losing technical personel. A single base can only support a total of three security facilities of any type, at any time, during a base defense mission. Any more than three, the active stations will be chosen randomly at mission start, and if those are destroyed, other stations will not become active.
An ideal placement of stations would be to surround the Access Lift. If a Vehicle Repair Bay is used, disect the base by having all important facilties away from these two entry-points divided by a choke point of advanced security stations or standard security stations.

A base which does not have any X-Com personel, barracked or visiting, will be immediately destroyed if infiltrated or raided.

Note: There is an error when using Turn-Based combat.

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