Advanced Warfare Center (XCOM2)

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The (A)dvanced (W)arfare (C)enter is the medical bay of the Avenger where soldiers go to get healed up if they have been wounded in combat. (They will be lying on the beds) It is not critical to get the AWC in order to proceed with the main story, but due to it's functions as a medical lab it is highly recommended to get it early.


The AWC increases soldiers healing rate by +50% (+100% with an assigned engineer) and allows to respec a soldiers abilities, the soldier will be unavaible for combat for 5 days. Also the AWC will give each soldier a chance to learn an ability from the other soldier classes (except Psy Op skills) when they rank up.

These are some of the known skills a soldier can learn:

  • Dead eye
  • Rapid Fire
  • Serial
  • Phantom
  • Chain Shot
  • Volatile Mix
  • Shredder
  • Covering Fire
  • Deep Cover