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Megapol Armor

The front line of defence for Mega-Primus against a new threat of strange inter-dimensional beings.


Citizens of Mega-Primus who have decided to join X-Com may be hired each new day (midnight) from the three types available in the city: Humans, Hybrids and Androids.

  • Hire cost = $600
  • Weekly wages = $600, $31,200pa

The total quantity of any type of agent across all bases at any one time is 100. If it is reduced for any reason, more will become available to be hired.


Human apocalypse.png

Homo Sapians have been around since well before recorded history. Humans are the most common of the three races available for hire.
Human recruits have no political dependencies. Any company, allied to hostile, willl have new recruits available.

Human Features
Requirements: None
Pros Cons
  • Recuits are common
  • Balanced attributes
  • Training available
  • Low psionic ability
  • Vulnerable to psionics
  • Can be brainsucked


Hybrid apocalypse.png

Hybrids are the result from inter-breeding Humans with the Sectoid alien race. Physical traits include baldness, short stature, weak muscles, and the obvious almond-shaped eyes. Mental (psionic) traits are elevated.
Hybrids are politically associated with Mutant Alliance. An activist group that promotes the welfare of Mega Primus's half human - half sectoid citizens.
Hybrids can be hired only if Mutant Alliance is neutral, or better, in relations with X-Com.

Hybrid Features
Requirements: Neutral relations: Mutant Alliance see note
Pros Cons
  • Strong psionic ability
  • Training available
  • Small target cross-section
  • Recruits are rare
  • Weak attributes
  • Can be brainsucked


Android apocalypse.png

Androids are robotic, human shaped entities which have become self-aware. Physical traits cannot change but are generally stronger than other races whereas psionics are non existant.
Androids are politically associated with S.E.L.F.. An activist group that promotes the welfare of Mega Primus's robots who identify as sentient humans.
Androids can be hired only if S.E.L.F. is neutral, or better, in relations with X-Com.

Android Features
Requirements: Neutral relations: S.E.L.F. see note
Pros Cons
  • Strong attributes
  • Immune to psionics
  • Immune to brainsuckers
  • Recruits are rare
  • Attributes cannot increase
  • Training not available


A "neutral" rating can be slightly postive or negative. New hires will only appear when the neutral rating is slightly positive. It may happen that you have a neutral disposition but Hybrids or Androids still won't appear in the hire screen... Increase your relations to more positive!

Internal Recruitment Algorithm

Available recruits (hires) chosen from a list 180 units. The algorithm sequence at the start of a new day:
1) Check if hires are at capacity for each list.
2) Randomly remove current hires or leave alone.
3) Randomise a quantity to appear.
4) Randomise appearance quantity into these, in order: humans, bio-chemists, engineers, quantum physicists, hybrids and finally androids.
Additions to the hire list is no more than eight units per day. Capacity is twenty for each of the four types. (unconfirmed)

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