Agents (Apocalypse)

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Your agents are you lifeblood when it comes to close combat engagements with the enemy. Agents are highly adaptable soldiers trained in all the arts of - well - urban warefare . They come in all races, creeds colours and shapes. X-Com does not discriminate and is an equal opportunity employer. Come one, come all, if you can survive the night, then you will go far in the organisation.

The Races

Humans are fundamental trooper material. They will probably make up the largest of your soldier population. They start with strong to average abilities and can become very skilled soldiers fairly quickly. The only thing that humans lack are good psionic skills.
Hybrids are the result of a crossing between humans and sectoids. No one's certain why they end up bald and with ridges on their head, but they take on the qualities of their sectoid bretheren. They are mentally powerful while frail in the flesh. However, being part human, they have the potential to become as powerful as their pure human cousins on top of their psionic skills. As a race, they start their service life very poorly. But as they mature, they can become incredibly powerful, making them good long-term investments.
The androids are the oddball of the three species that are employed by X-Com. The androids make a valiant attempt to eek out their virtual existance in the physical world by doing their best and taking as much advantage of their cybernetic bodies as they can. Unfortunately, they are not able to improve physically in any way or form. While this may sound like a big detriment at first, they should not be underestimated for this one fact as they begin their life of service as combat hardened soldiers. They are highly dependable and very durable (and some with a more macabre out look on life would say, expendable). Androids can go so far as becoming body shields to protect their other training comrades, as they need not be in top form at the end of the day to utilise any training facilities. As androids are mechanical in nature, they are mostly ignored in the field of psionics, which means they cannot use it, but are also immune to it.

Though most X-Com commanders end up utilising humans in the majority because they are the most well rounded race, a good mix of Hybrids and Androids does allow for different tactical advantages that are normally not available to a team consisting entirely of one race.

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