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Stylish and Faux-Retro! Protection doesn't need to look bland.

Agent Armor

There are three styles of armor available in X-Com Apocalypse:

  • Megapol standard armor.
  • Marsec armor based on Elerium-115.
  • X-Com designed and built armor using knowledge of exotic technologies.

The Armored Suit

A complete set of armor suit consist of five pieces.

Head - Chest - Left Arm - Right Arm - Legs

Armor pieces may be mixed in any combination. They do not need to be worn as a set, or completely.
Mixed armor may appear to have gaps between pieces. This is not an issue regarding protection. Any armor piece equipped will provide 100% cover to the body part it is made to protect.


Megapol Armor
  • The standard attire. Newly hired X-Com troops wear this standard issue jumpsuit, as shown right. It does not offer any protection in battle and cannot be removed.

Megapol Armor

This is a standard issue armor which provides very effective protection but inhibits the wearer's speed. The leg, torso, arms and helmet are all separate components and can be mixed with other armor types. Under no circumstances should an Agent be sent into combat without full armor cover.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia
Megapol Armor
  • An armored suit available at the start. A heavy and cheap protective suit offering medium resistance to basic damage.
Apoc megapol armor equip.png
  • Total Protection Value: 207
  • Total Weight: 44
  • Manufacturer: Megapol
  • Available: Week 1
  • Total Price: $1800
  • Minimum Weekly Stock: 8
  • Maximum Weekly Stock: 24
  • Battlescape Score: 3
Part Protection Weight Base Price

Marsec Armor

An expensive, Elerium powered armor system. This armor offers less protection than the Megapol armor on average but will not slow down the wearer so much. The expensive torso section also has an integrated levitation unit which will allow the wearer to fly or hover in the air. This is an extremely useful ability, but an airborne Agent will suffer an accuracy penalty while using weapons or throwing grenades.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia
Marsec Armor
  • An armored suit based on elerium powered flight. A light-weight armor with light-weight protection but has more resistance to certain damage types. The chest piece allows anti-gravity movement (flight).
Apoc marsec armor equip.png
  • Total Protection Value: 173
  • Total Weight: 32
  • Manufacturer: Marsec
  • Available: Week 2
  • Total Price: $3700
  • Minimum Weekly Stock: 2
  • Maximum Weekly Stock: 15
  • Battlescape Score: 5
Part Protection Weight Base Price

X-Com Disruptor Armor

A lightweight armor developed by X-COM using Alien disruption field technology. This offers superb protection and excellent mobility.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia
X-Com Disruptor Armor
  • An advanced armour suit based on alien disruptor technology which offers the best protection and is light weight. An expensive armor manufactured by X-Com requiring extensive research and manufacturing capability. It does not use any anti-gravity functionality.
Apoc xcom armor equip.png
  • Total Protection Value: 345
  • Total Weight: 7
  • Manufacturer: X-Com
  • Total Price: $6600
  • Maximum Weekly Stock: 20
  • Battlescape Score: 5
Part Protection Weight Base Price Build Cost Build Hours

The Mixed Armor Suit

At the start of the game, ten complete suits of Megapol armor is provided to all agents. A weak agent may suffer a movement speed/time units reduction if wearing all pieces.
The first encountered aliens (Anthropod and Brainsucker) pose minimal combat threat which may allow any agents to avoid wearing armor. Brainsuckers by-pass armor. Aliens which have grown-in weapons will pose a deadly threat to all. A complete armor set regardless of weight penalty can prolong a battle since damage inflicted by aliens may only injure an agent instead of causing death.
A different syle of armor will become available at Week Two. Marsec armor offers less protection but is lighter. The chest, or torso, piece allows flight. Mixing armor to suit the strength attribute of agents is now possible. Once more armor styles are available, mixing pieces to have the best protection versus weight will make Megapol and Marsec armor obsolete, except chest piece providing flight.

Minimal Armor

If X-Com acquires knowledge of Personal Disruptor Shields, armor is not strictly necessary since protection is provided only the force-field. If shields can be maintained in battle, all agents should only wear the best helmet and the Marsec chest piece.
If disruptor armor pieces can be manufactured in useful quantities quickly, using the arms and leg pieces offers strong protection at minimal weight penalty, or if the shield protection fails.

Caution: Manipulating the Marsec chest piece for any reason during flight will cause the agent to plummet to the ground. Nothing will halt the fall.

Tactical Planning

A helmet will prevent smoke effects (stun) and should always be used. The three helmet styles can be mixed among X-Com agents to be used as an identifier of certain groups or weapon loadouts etc.

Innate Armor

The Defence Force of any organisation do not wear armor normally. They have built-in armor instead which the armor protection value is dependant on the difficulty level. Stronger armors at higher difficulties.

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