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[[Personal Cloaking Field]]
[[Personal Cloaking Field]]
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Mega Primus Weapons

Megapol AP Grenade

Megapol Stun Grenade

Megapol Smoke Grenade

Marsec Proximity Mine

Marsec High Explosive

Megapol Lawpistol

Marsec M4000 Machine Gun

Megapol Laser Sniper Gun

Megapol Auto Cannon

Megapol Plasma Gun

Marsec Heavy Launcher

Marsec Minilauncher

Megapol Stun Grapple

Power Sword

Incendiary Grenade

General Equipment

Mind Shield

Mind Bender


Motion Scanner



X-COM Weapons


Alien Gas

Alien Artifacts

Disruptor Gun

Devastator Cannon


Brainsucker Launcher

Entropy Launcher

Dimension Missile Launcher

Vortex Mine

Personal Disruptor Shield

Personal Teleporter

Personal Cloaking Field

Apocalypse Insignia X-COM: Apocalypse: Equipment
Armor:Megapol ArmorMarsec ArmorX-COM Disruptor Armor
Weapons:Megapol LawpistolMarsec M4000 Machine GunMegapol Laser Sniper GunMegapol Auto CannonMegapol Plasma GunMarsec Heavy LauncherMarsec MinilauncherMegapol Stun GrapplePower Sword
Megapol AP GrenadeMegapol Stun GrenadeMegapol Smoke GrenadeMarsec Proximity MineMarsec High ExplosiveDiablo Incendiary Grenade
ToxigunAlien Gas
Equipment:Mind ShieldMind BenderMedi-KitMotion ScannerPsicloneElerium
Alien Artifacts:Disruptor GunDevastator CannonBoomeroidBrainsucker LauncherEntropy LauncherDimension Missile LauncherVortex MinePersonal Disruptor ShieldPersonal TeleporterPersonal Cloaking Field
Other:Innate Weapons