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Note: The following is an excerpt from the old Mythosgames website that explained how medals are awarded in Apocalypse. It's a slice of X-Com history and is an answer directly from the the horses mouth, so to say! Note does not contain original formatting, and presently the images are absent.

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Glad you got your site up!!! I've got a really BURNING question about X-COM: Apocalypse. What determines when does an agent get a medal? I've emailed Microprose for the past 2 months and only got answers from a damn robot. Hope I'll get an answer from you! KEEP making great games!!!


PS: Can't wait for TacEdit!!!!!!

Apocalypse Medals

Many people have asked us about the medals which are awarded to X-Com agents. The medal system is simply designed to reflect the experience and achievements of a particular agent – the actual possession of a medal has no impact on an agent’s abilities. Each medal is awarded when an agent has accumulated a particular number of ‘experience’ points. The experience points are awarded as follows:

  • 1 for each day of service
  • 10 for each mission
  • 1 for each point of wounding received (battle scars contribute to experience!)
  • 1 for each victory point earned by killing enemy units (see victory point summary)

Medals are then displayed according to accumulated VPs

First medal 200 or more 	
Second medal 400 or more 	
Third medal 700 or more 	
Fourth medal 1000 or more 	
Fifth medal 1500 or more 	

The victory points award for killing enemy units are as follows:

Security guard 	10
Cultist 	10
Police officer 	10
Gangster 	10
Multiworm Egg 	4
Brainsucker 	4
Multiworm 	8
Hyperworm 	5
Chrysalis 	3
Anthropod 	10
Skeletoid 	14
Spitter 	8
Popper 	8
Megaspawn 	30
Psimorph 	30
Queenspawn 	50
Micronoid 	15

Medal images:

Medal1.png - 1st medal

Medal2.png - 2nd medal

Medal3.png - 3rd medal

Medal4.png - 4th medal

Medal5.png - 5th medal

X-Com veteran agent fully awarded: Medal-veteran.png