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Itchy Trigger Fingers


The human, hybrid and android personel willing to defend Mega-Primus will offer their services to X-Com. They are an unlimited resource in the fight against the alien menace. Active combat is the best training an agent can get but some stats cannot be improved unless a Training Area or a Psi-Gym is used. Only a few attributes cannot be increased.

All X-Com agents have a maximum visual range of 24 cells, for detection of any alien lifeform irrelevant of its size.

Chart Definitions

All attributes will be within this range of values listed. Difficulty level does not influence these traits for X-Com units.
Max is the upper limit of this trait for any agent within the hire pool.
Technical are professional employees: Biochemists, Quantum Physicists, Engineers.
Security Station contains four turrets. These values are for one turret piece.

  • Attributes cannot be increased in any fashion for Androids, Technical or Security Station.
Stat Max. Value Agent: Human Agent: Hybrid Agent: Android Technical † Security Station †
Health 100 40-50 30-40 70-90 35-45 500
Accuracy 96 15-35 20-40 30-50 10-30 60
Reactions 100 10-40 15-45 15-40 5-25 44
Speed 100 70-85 60-75 60-80 50-65 60
Stamina 100 40-60 50-70 60-85 30-50 80
Bravery 100 20-70 20-50 60-100 10-50 0
Strength 100 40-55 30-40 55-85 20-40 10
Psi Energy 100 5-20 30-45 0 5-20 0
Psi Skill 100 5-20 25-40 0 5-20 0
Psi Defense 99 15-30 25-40 100 15-30 100

† Does not have an inventory. Some stats are irrelevant. ie: strength.


Agents in combat work best when their attributes complement each other. Agents with very fast reactions are useless if they cannot accurately shoot. Weak units can only use light weaponry since early armors are heavy and could be sitting ducks too slow when moving. A low stamina will limit an agent with high speed by having to rest often, negating their speed advantage. etc.
All traits are given a simple subjective rating for importance:
...and in what style of gameplay choosen if a difference is noted: Real-Time (RT) or Turn-Based (TB).


High or Low
Health is vitality. It is deathly important.
Health is hit-points and if it reaches zero, death occurs. A high health rating will allow the agent to seek help for longer if fatally wounded and can tolerate stun effects longer before falling unconscious. If fatal wounding is present, health decreases slowly (RT) or suffers a decrease depending on severity in (TB). If using exotic technology, high health will be of low importance.


Low (RT)
Medium (TB)
Accuracy is the base value of an armed agent's ability to impact a target with an unguided projectile.
Every weapon has its own accuracy rating. This is used in combination with an agent's accuracy to calculate a final hit-percentage. Active combat will increase accuracy easily (as with reactions) - if the weapon hits a hostile, the agent's skill increases slightly at mission conclusion (escape or success).
Throwing accuracy and Strength determine if the projectile lands where designated. Weapons which fire guided projectiles ignore an agent's accuracy.


High (RT)
Extreme (TB)
Reactions attribute determines how soon your agent sees an entity and how quickly they ready their weapon to fire.
A fast, twitchy agent will attack sooner and possibly reduce the threat before the hostile can return fire or get close enough for melee combat. Active combat will increase reactions easily (as with Accuracy).
Combat success in (TB) is heavily dependant on agents who are able to neutralise Brainsuckers quickly.


Low (RT)
Medium (TB)
Speed is the ability of an agent to quickly traverse the battlescape and when moving to cover.
Speed is decreased if any agent is overweight, which depends on their Strength and current Stamina. A critical difference in (TB) is that Speed converted into Time-Units. A high value is preferred.


Stamina determines how long an agent can run. It is the only common attribute which recharges (and Psi-Energy). Any entity which has depleted their store will be forced to walk. If stationary, stamina will slowly recharge to full at maximum rate.


Low (RT)
Medium (TB)
Morale is based on performance of X-Com units in battle. Bravery affects the amount of change morale will decrease when things are not progressing well (allied combat deaths or personal injury). If morale reaches a very low level, the agent increasingly has a chance to panic whereas good progress (hostile deaths) will recover morale - faster with braver units.
An agent's military rank influences negative outcomes. The higher the rank, the less it will affect morale of the unit and other agents on the battlefield.
A panicked agent can be avoided by moving away from them in (RT), but (TB) will limit the distance due to expired time-units each turn.


Strength determines how strong an agent is. A strong agent may carry more equipment and throw further than a weaker one. An over-encumbered unit will be slower (Speed attribute) and will expend energy (Stamina attribute) faster.
A strong agent is preferred since strength can only be increased at a training facility.


Only important if using psionic combat otherwise is of zero importance. Psi-Energy is used to initiate a projection and slowly recharges - higher is better.


Only important if using psionic combat otherwise is of zero importance. Psi Skill is the chance to make a successful projection - higher is better..


Psi-Defense determines how resistant any unit is to psionic manipulation - higher is better. Psionic projections only work against human and hybrid agents, but is completely ineffectual against android units.


An agent's injuries will influence their attributes negatively - the worse the suffering, the worse the decrease!

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