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This page may be outdated. It is up-to-date for version b14. The latest version is 1.0.


UFOs are tougher, faster, and much deadlier in Long War. Along with that, your crafts and armaments are significantly less potent, at least at first. You will need to cycle your craft regularly like your soldiers. UFO kills will grant experience to your pilots and provide a bonus to accuracy. Your pilots will learn UFO flight patterns and movements and therefore will become much better at shooting down alien craft. Interceptor experience provides +3% to hit per kill (up to + 30%) and +1% damage per kill (with no top limit). Also, you will find that both your craft and UFOs may sometimes get 'critical hits', with UFOs being downed in a few hits, or your undamaged Interceptor immediately going into near-full red damage indicator.

At the start of the game your fresh pilots are equipped with Avalanche Missiles, which now have an abysmal 40% accuracy. While it is still possible to down the first Scout with one Interceptor, this is an incredibly unlikely event. It's more probable that it would take two, or even three interceptions to bring down even the most basic alien craft. It is also a good idea to switch some of your aircraft armaments to Stingray missiles at the game start, details on that below.

Players should exert caution and pick and choose their air battles carefully. You will not be able to bring down every single enemy UFO. Sometimes attempting high risk interceptions against tough targets would be detrimental to your campaign due to the highly unpredictable nature of the engagements at the start of the game. Your early game goal should be to get experience for some of your pilots and advance your air-warfare technology in order to keep aliens at bay on the battleground for the Earth's skies. In case you overreach too early, you might quickly find yourself crippled with long repair times and unable to stop alien operations.

There are Research and Engineering projects that will assist in aerial sorties. There are multiple foundry projects to improve your interceptors. There are also three consumables that remain from Vanilla.

As you progress, each type of UFO's statistics also increase, from general 'health' to firing rates, as to keep you on your toes; so don't expect to ever truly dominate the skies. Plus with the added variables to air-interception, there is no clear-cut "UFO X can be brought down by Interceptor Y" table. As such, the Long War's UFO page will be your general guide for how--- or if-- to attempt to engage these potent UFOs.

Damaging UFOs

It is not necessary to shoot down enemy UFOs in order to prevent them from completing their mission. Doing damage to them is sometimes enough to spoil their plans or reduce their effectiveness. The damage that UFO sustains is stored between interceptions, therefore multiple interception attempts is a good idea to limit the damage to your own Air Force. When a player does more than 50% damage to a UFO, you will start seeing explosion effects around it.

Some UFOs will wander about a country's airspace before zooming off. For these, it is sufficient to get the yellow effect described above. Those effects signify that UFO sustained enough damage to prevent it from completing its mission, such as an Anti-Satellite hunt. Note however that you still have a chance to prevent the UFO's mission while doing less than 50% damage, which is simply linear (i.e., the UFO abort mission chance is 0% at full health, 100% at 50% health, and in 2x% general at (100-x)% health). Otherwise, when they leave detectable airspace (whether you have a satellite over the target country or not), there will be a notification of the damage they did in the minor notices that play alongside the Hologlobe during in-game time progression.

Other UFOs will have a set flightpath, and a narrow window of opportunity to intercept: to disrupt these missions entirely, these need to be shot out of the sky. Cases like this include Terror ships and Abductors.

Long War mod brings back a mechanic from previous generations of XCOM: UFOs can now have full DOA crashes (with minimal Alloy recovery, and no corpses or other artifacts), so in some cases you may want to pull your punches. To compensate, the Council will give cash rewards for UFOs obliterated in flight. The harder hitting weapons have a greater chance of reducing UFOs to a pile of smelted alloys.

Interceptor Weapons and Stances

Air-to-air weapons now have three main damage statistics - Damage, Rate of Fire, and Armor Penetration. UFOs have different armor levels, which reduces the damage done by a weapon if its armor penetration isn't high enough. For example, you start with a choice between Avalanche missiles (medium damage, low armor penetration) and Stingray missiles (low damage, medium armor penetration). Avalanches will be better against unarmored and very lightly armored UFOs, while Stingrays will be better against more armored UFOs.

When launching you can set a combat stance for your interceptors as they launch on a mission:

  • Aggressive gives +15% to hit for both you and the UFO. You may not use the dodge consumable when aggressive.
  • Balanced plays out like normal.
  • Defensive gives -15% to hit for both you and the UFO. You may not use the auto-hit consumable when defensive.

Mathematically and not accounting for interception time, this means that Agressive is the most efficient stance when your Interceptor aim is lower than UFO aim, while Defensive is strongest when your Interceptor aim is higher than UFO aim. These effects are stronger the bigger the difference. However, Interception time is an issue as UFOs will just leave after some time. Obviously, Agressive is the most time-effective stance.

UFO Flight Patterns

UFOs can fly at three altitudes: "High", "Low" and "NOE" ("Nap of the Earth,"). The altitude is a clue of what mission the UFO is going on - UFOs flying at NOE altitude are most likely to land, are performing bombing runs, or will generate an Abduction or Terror mission immediately upon arriving at their destination. UFOs at high altitude are most likely to be hunting satellites. Unless playing in Ironman, you may want to see if a UFO will land before shooting it down (and reload if it does not): while a landed UFO is always more dangerous, an intact UFO and it's material components is a valuable prize, given how fragile Power Sources and Flight Computers are from being shot down in Long War.

Once you successfully raid a UFO type, either landed or crash landed, you can research that craft for a damage bonus against it in future.

Strategic Plan

  • You start with the Avalanche and Stingray missiles. These will work for small and medium craft for a while until Aliens research better upgrades for their craft.
  • After some time sticking with conventional weapons will leave you totally outgunned. Next you'll want to upgrade to Laser and Phoenix cannons. Laser Cannons are built for accuracy, so a pilot can still reliably hit UFOs on Balanced or Defensive stance. The Coilgun is built for armor penetration and higher rate of fire. You would likely need multiple interceptions with frequent use of boost modules to reliably bring down larger UFOs.
  • The Plasma Cannons need to be built from Alien Rifles. Once the Mutons start fielding them, you would want to build up a cache of those items to convert to plasma cannons for your Interceptors. The EMP Cannon is built from 1 Sectopod wreck each. It has a higher rate of fire and lower damage than Plasma which increases the chance of UFOs not being destroyed outright. It also increases the chance for more resources to remain intact for UFO crash-site missions.
  • Last, but certainly not least, the Fusion Lance is the most powerful air to air weapon that can only be used by Firestorms. They're built from Fusion Cores, and the only way to get Fusion Cores is to take down Battleships and Assault Carriers... or save the cores from Slingshot mission. Though once you do get them set up, you would have a good chance to disrupt even the Terror missions.

Interception Strategy

  • Choose an appropriate stance based on your equipped weapon, researched upgrades, and UFO type.
  • Always be prepared to cancel an interception if the engagement is not going well for you. Losing an aircraft with an expensive weapons can be devastating to your resources.
  • Consider aborting interception if your first shot hits while UFO misses. You can refuel within an hour and try again or send another bird out with the same hit and run tactics.
  • Consider aborting when a satellite hunter displays explosion effects. You have prevented the destruction of the satellite, so you might not want to risk additional damage.
  • Use modules in tough situations when you need an extra boost to get the job done.
  • Have an idea of how many interceptions are possible before UFO completes its mission or attempts to escape. For example Scouts usually can only be engaged twice with Ravens.
  • If/once you get enough EMP Cannons to be distributed throughout each continent's squadron, remember that higher damage weapons have a greater chance to outright destroy enemy craft. Plan your engagements around that fact and consider which ground tactical missions you would rather go on.
    • Consider saving craft equipped with more damaging weapons to go against larger UFOs, while EMPing the smaller craft may be a better risk/reward scenario, given that their full compliment of aliens won't be much larger than if shot down with other weapons.
  • Late-game, you may find that the aliens favor sending more and the larger UFOs to one continent in particular (such as the continent that got the first Alien Base, or the one with XCOM HQ), meaning that you'll remained burdened by repair times: simply cycle out damaged fighters with fresh fighters from other continents.
    • Transit time puts repair times on pause, but transfer time will almost always be far less than the days it'll take to repair a single fighter.
    • This will also help you by evening out experience between your pilots, and spreading them out between each continent, so you don't get blindsided by, say, a Battleship appearing in a continent with an inexperienced squadron.
  • The modules are much more worthwhile-- nearly essential-- in Long War. As said, Dodge cannot be used in an aggressive stance and Aim cannot be used in a defensive stance. And as they do take time to build, it pays to maintain a stock of them.
    • The Aim module is fairly cheap, and is useful throughout a campaign. Keep a large stock of Floater corpses to make these. While an aggressive stance means that all shots have more accuracy, using an Aim module early in a normal stance dogfight means drawing first blood while being a little harder to be hit yourself.
    • The Boost module can be used in any stance, and only extends time (as all air-to-air weapons now are counted as 'long range', approach reduction time no longer is affected). More useful in early game, when you need more time to do enough damage with the weaker weapons and less experienced pilots.
    • The Dodge module is exceedingly useful, and still hard to make, due to the necessity of Cyberdisc wrecks needed to construct them.


UFO Types

UFO Type Durability Armor Description
UFO-Analysis Scout.png
Low None The speedy Scout-class UFO is fortunately within Earth's native capabilities to shoot down ... on occasion. It appears to be used for general reconnaissance, resource-gathering and research.
UFO-Analysis Fighter.png
Low Light The alien Fighter, while similar in outward appearance to the scout, is much better protected. Armor-piercing weapons like our Stingray missiles will be helpful in bringing these craft down. This class of craft is used primarily for air raids and anti-satellite operations.
UFO-Analysis Raider.png
Moderate Very Light The Raider class of UFO seems to be a multirole craft that thus suffers in combat power. The aliens appear to use it for reconnaissance, research and resource-gathering operations.
UFO-Analysis Destroyer.png
Moderate Moderate The deadly Destroyer present a much greater threat to our aircraft than its sister class of ships. Armor-piercing weapons are required to defeat this craft. It appears to primarily be used for air raids and anti-satellite operations, although we may see it conduct reconnaissance missions as well. Our analysts note the presence of unused hardpoints on some images of this craft, so we should look out for upgraded versions with even more killing power.
UFO-Analysis Abductor.png
High Heavy Abductors appear to be much better protected than other ships of this size. Perhaps the aliens particularly value the abduction and research missions they are used for.
UFO-Analysis Harvester.png
High Moderate The Harvester class of UFO seems to have one role -- to recover important biological materials and minerals from Earth in support of other alien operations. We should try to interdict alien harvest operations whenever possible to slow the alien advance. These craft may be vulnerable to a concentrated attack.
UFO-Analysis Transport.png
Very High Heavy This ponderously slow craft will be a tough nut to crack. It appears to be primarily used in alien terrestrial resource-gathering but could also be used in support of other major alien operations.
UFO-Analysis TerrorShip.png
Terror Ship
Very High Heavy The rarely encountered Terror Ship appears suited for rapid deployment of alien shock troops. They appear to presage alien terror missions, but they may be used for alien research on XCOM as well.
UFO-Analysis AssaultCarrier.png
Assault Carrier
Highest Heavy The assault carrier, while built on a battleship hull, lacks some of its sister's firepower and may be easier to shoot down. Nevertheless, we expect to see the aliens use this craft only against high-value targets, so it should be taken seriously whenever it is detected.
UFO-Analysis Battleship.png
Highest Very Heavy An unbelievably dangerous piece of hardware, these UFOs never appear to land but are used in bombing, anti-satellite and air superiority roles.
UFO-Analysis Overseer.png
High Very Heavy This class of ship appears to be used as a airborne command center for the ethereal race of alien. Only our strongest weapons will be able to penetrate its armor.


Item Description Hit Points Armor Armor Penetration Maintenance Prerequisites Cost
Alien Alloys
Inv Interceptor.png
Heavily modified and augmented fast attack fighter. Armor and frame durability will be a major issue when engaging any but the smallest UFOs. 1500 5 0 §40 N/A None 200 0 0 0 0 N/A
Inv Firestorm.png
Alien alloy-based airframe and adapted energy shielding let the Firestorm absorb dramatically more punishment than its predecessor. With upgraded armament can engage even the most dangerous enemy craft. 3500 25 5 §50 75 Alien Propulsion 750 180 120 10 28 8x UFO Flight Computer,
4x UFO Power Source

Interceptor Weapons

(Version Long War Beta 15d2)

Item Hit Chance Range Fire Rate Damage Armor Pen. Prerequisites Cost
Alien Alloys
Avalanche Missiles Long War.png
Avalanche Missiles
25/40/55% Long Slow (2.0) Medium (340) Low (0) - - -
Stingray Missiles Long War.png
Stingray Missiles
25/40/55% Long Slow (1.5) Low (200) Medium (10) - - -
Phoenix Coilgun Long War.png
Phoenix Cannon
25/40/55% Long Rapid (0.75) Low (140) Low (5) 15 Alien Materials 120 12 0 0 10 -
Laser Cannon Long War.png
Laser Cannon
40/55/70% Long Medium (1.0) Medium (290) Low (5) 25 Advanced Beam Lasers 160 30 0 0 10 -
Phoenix Coilgun Long War.png
Phoenix Coilgun
25/40/55% Long Rapid (0.75) Medium (230) High (18) 15 Phoenix Coilguns (FP) completed 120 12 0 0 10 -
Laser Cannon Long War.png
Supercapacitor Laser
40/55/70% Long Rapid (0.75) Medium (300) Medium (11) 25 Supercapacitors (FP) completed 160 30 0 0 10 -
Plasma Cannon Long War.png
Plasma Cannon
25/40/55% Long Medium (1.0) High (650) High (22) 95 Vehicular Plasma Weapons 500 50 60 3 14 1x Alien Rifle
EMP Cannon Long War.png
EMP Cannon
15/30/45% Long Rapid (0.55) Medium (310) High (30) 100 EMP Weapons 575 60 160 0 20 1x Sectopod Wreck
Fusion Lance Long War.png
Fusion Lance
15/30/45% Long Medium (1.25) High (1200) High (26) 120 Fusion Weapons 800 70 120 20 25 1x Fusion Core


Item* Effect Prerequisites Cost
Alien Alloys
Defense Matrix Long War.png
Defense Matrix (Dodge)
First two enemy shots always miss. 50 Cyberdisc Autopsy 25 0 2 1 5 2x Cyberdisc Wreck
UFO Tracking Long War.png
UFO Tracking (Boost)
Increased combat time when in combat with a UFO. 12 Alien Materials 15 0 1 1 5 2x Drone Wreck
Uplink Targeting Long War.png
Uplink Targeting (Aim)
First two shots always hit. 35 Floater Autopsy 20 1 1 1 5 3x Floater Corpse
  • All three require the Aircraft Boosters foundry project to be completed.

Permanent Upgrades (Foundry Projects) (B15d2)

Name Effects Prerequisites Cost
Alien Alloys
Weapon Fragments
Advanced Repair Increases interceptor, SHIV, and item repair speed. 45 Heavy Floater Autopsy §500 100 0 0 80 21 4x Heavy Floater Corpse
Aircraft Boosters Allows production of one-time 'boosters' for interception. 10 Alien Materials §50 0 10 0 10 7 -
Armored Fighters Increases all interceptor HP by 1000. 30 Advanced Aerospace Concepts §400 200 0 60 70 14 30x Floater Corpse
Elerium Afterburners Increases interceptor combat time by 5 seconds. 45 Alien Propulsion §200 30 0 30 0 14 2x UFO Power Source
Improved Avionics Increases interceptor aim by 10. 40 Advanced Aerospace Concepts §400 10 50 0 0 14 3x UFO Flight Computer
Penetrator Weapons Increases armor penetration of air weapons by 5. 35 Advanced Aerospace Concepts §300 80 45 0 0 14 3x Cyberdisc Wreck,
3x UFO Flight Computer
Phoenix Coilguns Increases the phoenix cannon's damage by 90 and armor penetration by 13. 50 Advanced Aerospace Concepts §300 120 100 60 40 14 2x UFO Power Source
Stealth Satellites Decreases chance of satellites being detected by alien patrols (30% on first pass, 60% on second). 115 Stealth Systems §1200 200 0 200 0 28 10x UFO Flight Computer
Supercapacitors Upgrades laser cannon damage by 10, armor penetration by 6, and increases rate of fire to 0.75. 70 Advanced Pulse Lasers §800 200 100 200 100 21 6x UFO Power Source
Super Skyranger Adds 2 more spaces to the roster on Alien Base and EXALT HQ raids, and 4 more on the Temple Ship Assault. 35 Advanced Aerospace Concepts §200 60 0 0 0 14 -
UFO Countermeasures Increases interceptor dodge chance by +15%. 50 Seeker Autopsy §350 10 40 60 0 14 4x Seeker Wrecks,
4x UFO Flight Computer
UFO Scanners Add UFO HP display to the interception screen for UFO classes that have their analyses complete. 40 Advanced Aerospace Concepts §200 10 0 10 0 14 4x UFO Flight Computer
UFO Tracking Increases the chance of interceptors detecting UFOs without satellites present (mimicking patrol behavior) and always when UFOs are on satellite-hunting missions. 40 Alien Power Systems §300 20 0 40 0 28 2x UFO Flight Computer
Wingtip Sparrowhawks Grants interceptors secondary armor-piercing missiles (1/2 stringray missile damage) in addition to their primary weapons. 50 Advanced Aerospace Concepts §400 80 40 20 40 21 -

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