Air Vehicles (Apocalypse)

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Fly Away!

When road access is impossible, a flying vehicle is the only way. Military types are combat ready and available to X-Com whereas Utilitarian types are specialized for certain duties. No private civilian ownership!

Military Vehicles

Apoc hoverbike icon.png Hoverbike
Apoc phoenix icon.png Phoenix Hovercar
Apoc valkyrie icon.png Valkyrie Interceptor
Apoc hawk icon.png Hawk Air Warrior

Civilian Vehicles

Apoc airtaxi icon.png Air Taxi
Apoc rescue icon.png Rescue Transport
Apoc construction icon.png Construction Vehicle
Apoc airtrans icon.png Airtrans
Apoc spaceliner icon.png Space Liner

Law Enforcement

Apoc policehovercar icon.png Police Hovercar

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