Air Vehicles (Apocalypse)

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Travel in Mega Primus by road isn't the most ideal form of getting to and from work, mainly because travel is restricted by the road. With hovercars and airships, the sky's the limit - until you try to pass the city-wide height restriction, which your on-board computers will refuse to break.

Like all vehicles in Mega Primus, all ships come with on-board auto-pilot computers and remote piloting subsystems. This means you need not have any pilots on board the ships to get them to and from their destination.


Ships used by X-Com

On your substantial product catalogue are a selection of military class vessels used by all the big name companies (and lowlifes like the drug gangs) to handle private security matters in the city.

Normally utilised as on-site security against anyone bold enough to mount an attack on some else's property, these vehicles are made available to X-Com for the purposes of defending the city against the alien invaders (yet again) and occasionally destroying a large portion of it in the process - but no one's supposed to pay that last bit any mind.

The hoverbike is the cheapest form of air travel and a classic favourite. It's cheap, convenient, fast and has a break neck turning speed. Unfortunately, it also blows up very easily if hit too hard, however, it is able to dodge incoming fire easily because it is so small and fast. It sports a small weapon hardpoint that can mount a weapon as heavy as the Lineage Plasma Cannon or the one-shot Retribution missile launcher. It also has a dedicated slot for a small accuracy modifier. Two agents can ride the bike, but it's more efficient when utilised as unmanned combat vehicles rather than transporting agents to and from combat sites. Best utilised in small hoverbike fleets except against ships with anti-hoverbike technology (i.e. the Multibomb Launcher)
Pheonix Hovercar
The Pheonix Hovercar is a simple military flying car for agents that want to fight in style. It sports two standard small weapon hardpoints and a normal upgrade module slot. It's a cheap combat vehicle that is small and fast enough to dodge most incoming hostile attacks. It's best used in groups or as support for hoverbike fleets.
Valkyrie Interceptor
The Valkyrie Interceptor is a troop transport with some combat capabilities. It offers to long weapon hardpoints capable of mounting the long barelled Lancer laser cannons. It provides three standard modules worth upgrade slots. Because it's much larger than the Hovercar, and has a bad turning rate, it makes for a poor combat vehicle on its own. It's best used in transportation roles and for providing medium support fire for hoverbike or hovercar squadrons.
Hawk Air Warrior
The Hawk Air Warrior is primarily a military vehicle. It serves an identical role as the Valkyrie Interceptor, but provides a whole lot more than the Valkyrie. It has two long weapon hardpoints and a main gun hardpoint, which can mount a Medium Disrupter Beam. Additionally, it has four standard module slots. The Hawk unfortunately has a horrible turn rate. It's best utilised in small packs of Hawks, or as a heavy weapons support ship for small squadrons of Hoverbikes or Hovercars.