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Travel in Mega-Primus by road isn't the most ideal form of getting to and from work, mainly because travel is restricted by the road, or where there aren't any roads as the case often may be considering the frequency of air skirmishes between rival and criminal organizations. With hovercars and airships, the sky's the limit - at least within the confines of the city and its height restrictions.

Like all vehicles in Mega-Primus, all ships have auto-pilot and can be operated remotely. This means passengers can have their vehicle pick them up from anywhere in the city at any time.

Military Vehicles

On the military vehicle catalogue is a range of vehicles used by all the big organizations to handle their private security affairs.

Normally utilized as on-site security against anyone bold enough to mount an attack on some else's property, these vehicles are available to X-COM for the purposes of defending the city against the alien invaders (yet again) and occasionally destroying a large portion of it in the process - but no one's supposed to pay that last bit any mind.

Apoc hoverbike icon.png Hoverbike

Apoc phoenix icon.png Phoenix Hovercar

Apoc valkyrie icon.png Valkyrie Interceptor

Apoc hawk icon.png Hawk Air Warrior

Civilian Vehicles

These vehicles are used by wealthy citizens and Organizations. X-COM is not privy to the use of any of these vehicles, with the exception of the Airtrans, which is available as a courier services as long as Transtellar are willing to offer it, and the Air Taxi, which is used by an Agent with the Commander rank when transferring between bases. Megapol Police hovercars are often seen assisting X-COM by attacking mutual enemies and vehicles employed by criminal groups.

Apoc policehovercar icon.png Police Hovercar

Apoc airtaxi icon.png Air Taxi

Apoc rescue icon.png Rescue Transport

Apoc construction icon.png Construction Vehicle

Apoc airtrans icon.png Airtrans

Apoc spaceliner icon.png Space Liner

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