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Mission Brief & Objectives
Alien Abductions

Alien abduction in progress. Site is clear of civilians and multiple hostile elements are present. Collateral damage is not a concern.

  • Sweep the abduction site and identify threats
  • Neutralize all hostile targets
Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)

Mission Brief & Objectives (EW DLC)
Alien Abductions

Alien abduction in progress. Meld energy signature readings are positive. Site is clear of civilians; collateral damage is not a concern.

  • Neutralize all hostile targets
  • Locate and secure Meld canisters

Abductions Map List


  • An Alien Abductions mission is a basic skirmish between the aliens and XCOM. A reward (credits, scientists, engineers or a soldier) will be given if the mission is successful, plus a -3 panic reduction.
    • Unchecked Abductions raise panic by 2 points (3 on Impossible) in the country where they take place.
  • Most alien species can appear on Abductions with the exceptions of Outsiders, Sectoid Commanders, Ethereals and Sectopods.
  • Alien Abductions missions only appear to occur in nations where you do not have satellite coverage. Thus, once you have satellite coverage over every remaining nation, or with only 1 country without satellites, you will no longer get anymore of these missions and their rewards.
    • You can still have Abductions over that country during the month you launch the satellite, which another reason for you should only launch sats at the end of the month. But on the following months you'll never have Abductions over that country, as long as the satellite isn't destroyed by a UFO.
  • You'll always be offered a choice between 2 or 3 countries, each offering a different reward if the mission is successful.
    • If there's only 1 country without satellites, there will be no Abductions generated.
  • There is no UFO crash or UFO landing involved, so you will not be recovering a lot of artifacts from this type of battle other than Weapon Fragments or intact weapons from captured aliens.
  • You should expect aliens to be spread throughout the entire map and sweep it accordingly.
  • To abort an Abduction mission on some maps you have to press 'Esc' and select "Abort Mission and return to HQ." There is no requirement to move to a marked field by the Skyranger.
  • In the Enemy Within DLC two Meld Canisters will spawn spread across the map.


  • X - Amount of Corpses with X being the number of aliens killed.
  • Weapon Fragments - Varies based on the aliens that apper.
  • 0-20 Meld - Retrieved from Meld Canisters Enemy Within DLC Only
    • More Meld can be recovered if Heavy Floaters or Mechtoids are killed at intervals of 5 per corpse.
  • Alien Alloys - From Robotic Units
  • Elerium - From Flying or Mechanical Units.
  • Intact Weapons - Can be retrieved when aliens are captured or Mind Controlled aliens are killed.
  • Alien Captives - Based on the number of aliens stunned during the Mission. Maximum of 36 live aliens.


  • As the description clearly states, Collateral Damage is not a concern, blow the aliens to hell Commander.
  • Move as slowly as possible and deal with one set of aliens before moving on to avoid being outnumbered.
    • In Enemy Within you need to balance your need for Meld to your need for survival.

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