Alien Artifacts (EU2012)

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List of Artifacts

Item name Gray Market Value Required for Research/Foundry projects Required for Manufacturing Total Required for projects
Sectoid 3 (EU2012).png
Sectoid Corpse
§5 Sectoid Autopsy, Xeno-Biology (4x) Uplink Targeting (Aim) (3x) 5
Floater 3 (EU2012).png
Floater Corpse
§5 Floater Autopsy Defense Matrix (Dodge) (3x) 1
Thin Man 3 (EU2012).png
Thin Man Corpse
§5 Thin Man Autopsy, Improved Medikit (4x) Gas Grenade (2x) 7
Chryssalid 3 (EU2012).png
Chryssalid Corpse
§5 Chryssalid Autopsy Chitin Plating (4x), Needle Grenade (2x) 7
Muton 3 (EU2012).png
Muton Corpse
§5 Muton Autopsy, Ammo Conservation (6x) None 7
Cyberdisc 3 (EU2012).png
Cyberdisc Wreck
§7 Cyberdisc Autopsy, Advanced Flight (2x) UFO Tracking (Boost) (2x) 3
Drone 3 (EU2012).png
Drone Wreck
§2 Drone Autopsy, Drone Capture (4x), Improved Arc Thrower (4x), Advanced Flight (2x) None 11
Sectoid Commander 3 (EU2012).png
Sectoid Commander Corpse
§10 Sectoid Commander Autopsy None 1
Berserker 3 (EU2012).png
Berserker Corpse
§5 Berserker Autopsy Combat Stims (1x) 1
Heavy Floater 3 (EU2012).png
Heavy Floater Corpse
§5 Heavy Floater Autopsy, Advanced Repair (4x), Advanced Flight (2x) None 7
Elite Muton 3 (EU2012).png
Muton Elite Corpse
§8 Muton Elite Autopsy None 1
Sectopod 3 (EU2012).png
Sectopod Wreck
§10 Sectopod Autopsy, Advanced Construction (2x) None 3
Ethereal 3 (EU2012).png
Ethereal Corpse
§15 Ethereal Autopsy Mind Shield (1x) 1
Weapon Fragments (EU2012).png
Weapon Fragments
§1 Weapon Fragment (5x), All Weapon Research. Many Foundry Projects None always try to keep
Alien Alloys (EU2012).png
Alien Alloys
§2 Alien Materials, Carapace Armor (10x), Skeleton Suit (15x), Beam Weapons (5x) Combat Stims(2x),Carapace Armor (15x), Laser Sniper Rifle (23x), Heavy Laser (23x), Scatter Laser (23x), Laser Rifle (13x), Laser Pistol (8x), Skeleton Key (10x), Laser Cannon (21x), Chitin Plating (10x) always try to keep
Elerium (EU2012).png
§3 Elerium, Improved Pistol III (20x), S.H.I.V. Plasma (15x), Stealth Satellites (20x) Skeleton Key (10x), Elerium Generator (30x), Psionic Lab (20x), Plasma Cannon (10x), EMP Cannon (10x), Fusion Lance (10x), Hover S.H.I.V. (20x), Firestorm (5x), Mind Shield (20x), Plasma Pistol (10x), Light Plasma Rifle (15x), Plasma Rifle (20x), Alloy Cannon (20x), Heavy Plasma (30x), Plasma Sniper Rifle (25x) always try to keep
UFO Flight Computer (EU2012).png
UFO Flight Computer
§40 UFO Flight Computer (2x), Stealth Satellites (3x) Firestorm(2x), Satellite Nexus (2x), Blaster Launcher (2x) 5
UFO Flight Computer (Damaged) (EU2012).png
UFO Flight Computer (Damaged)
§20 None None 0
UFO Power Source (EU2012).png
UFO Power Source
§75 UFO Power Source Firestorm(1x), Elerium Generator (2x) 1
UFO Power Source (Damaged) (EU2012).png
UFO Power Source (Damaged)
§30 None None 0
Alien Entertainment (EU2012).png
Alien Entertainment
§17 None None 0
Alien Entertainment (Damaged) (EU2012).png
Alien Entertainment (Damaged)
§13 None None 0
Alien Food (EU2012).png
Alien Food
§10 None None 0
Alien Food (Damaged) (EU2012).png
Alien Food (Damaged)
§5 None None 0
Alien Stasis Tank (EU2012).png
Alien Stasis Tank
§10 None None 0
Alien Stasis Tank (Damaged) (EU2012).png
Alien Stasis Tank (Damaged)
§5 None None 0
Alien Surgery (EU2012).png
Alien Surgery
§25 None None 0
Alien Surgery (Damaged) (EU2012).png
Alien Surgery (Damaged)
§10 None None 0
Fusion Core (EU2012).png
Fusion Core
§125 Fusion Lance, Guided Fusion Launcher Blaster Launcher (1x) 0
Outsider Shard (EU2012).png
Outsider Shard
N/A Outsider Shard Skeleton Key (1x) 1
Hyperwave Beacon (EU2012).png
Hyperwave Beacon
N/A None None 1
Ethereal Device Research (EU2012).png
Psi Link
N/A None None 1
Meld Icon (EU2012).png
Meld (EW DLC)
N/A Meld Recombination All Gene Mods, MEC Trooper, MEC Suit 1+
Mechtoid 3 (EU2012).png
Mechtoid Core (EW DLC)
§10 Mechtoid Autopsy None 1
Seeker 3 (EU2012).png
Seeker Wreck (EW DLC)
§5 Seeker Autopsy Ghost Grenade (4x) 5

UFO/Alien Base/Corpses Salvage

Alien Salvage
UFO/Alien Base Elerium1 Crashed Min Crashed Max Alien Alloys2 Crashed Min Crashed Max Alien Food Alien Stasis Tank UFO Nav Computer Alien Surgery UFO Power Source
Small Scout 25 12,5 18,75 60 30 54 2 1
Large Scout 50 25 37,5 120 60 108 4 2
Abductor 50 25 37,5 160 80 144 6 4 2 2
Supply Barge 100 50 75 200 100 180 10 8 4 2 4
Battleship3 100 50 75 260 130 234 6 4
Overseer4 100 50 75 120 60 108 4 4
Alien Base5 75 75 10 15 4 3
1 25 Elerium per Power Source. On Easy Difficulty mode, recovered Elerium increased by 20%. Elerium on Crashed UFOs can vary between 50% and 75% of total value
2 On Easy Difficulty mode, recovered Alloys are increased by 25% and in a Crashed UFO they vary between 50% and 90%.
3 Plus 2 Fusion Cores. Also, capturing the intact Battleship during Slingshot's Gangplank mission gives an additional 200 Elerium and 500 Alloys.
4 Plus 1 Ethereal Device.
5 Plus 1 Hyperwave Beacon and 1 Alien Entertainment.~

Source: XComStrategyGame.upk, XGStrategy/DetermineCrashLoot and XGItemTree/DetermineShipSalvage functions

The larger components of UFOs also have defined percentages for surviving a crash:

  • UFO Power Source - 33%
  • UFO Flight Computer - 50%
  • Alien Surgery, Stasis Tank and Food - 25%
  • Ethereal Device - 100%
  • If a EMP Cannon is used to bring down the UFO, the salvage percentages above, including those of Elerium and Alloys, are all increased to 100%.

It is also possible to recover amounts of Alien Alloys, Elerium and Meld from the corpses/wrecks of certain aliens:

Corpses/Wrecks Salvage
' Alien Alloys Elerium Meld
Cyberdisc Wreck 8 4
Drone Wreck 4 2
Heavy Floater Corpse 4 2 5
Sectopod Wreck 15 10
Mechtoid Core 12 8 5


  • Weapon Fragments, Alloys, and Elerium are used to manufacture most items in the game. This is why their resale value is so low and why obtaining a precise number required for each project is so difficult - the base requirements are listed but they can vary due to variances in the number of engineers, workshops, etc. Unless you are seriously strapped for cash, try selling something else instead.
  • Second Wave's Marathon doubles the requirements for everything.
  • The Enemy Within DLC adds 3 new artifacts: Meld, Mechtoid Core and Seeker Wreck. Of those, Meld can never be sold at the Grey Market.

Unlisted devices

  • "Elevator Beam" - found mainly on Battleships, these odd floor-bound pod pairs quickly and safely raise and drop the user between their repesctive levels. Standing on a pod prevents their use, and can keep an alien on a lower floor, giving you a well-defended position.
  • Abduction Pod - seen functioning in the opening cinematic, they release some kind of coagulating snare substance, cocooning humans for capture. Despite the many you'll encounter, they give no alloy resources for XCOM.
  • Syringe - sometimes when awakening a Thin Man squad, one can be seen wielding some kind of needle, often embedded in a cocooned human, obviously taking blood/tissue samples.
  • EXALT Syringe - if you attempt to stun an EXALT operative with the Arc Thrower, they will commit suicide via a self-induced lethal injection to the jugular. It appears to be a normal human-manufactured syringe; but the contents, which cause explosive hemorrhaging in a second, are unknown.
  • Plasma Bomb & Nodes - You'd think you'd get some Elerium from a plasma device that can wipe out a small town.
  • "Holodoor" - apparently some kind of hard light construct, or possibly a Plasma Window, these alien doors can apparently seal a UFO with sufficient protection from the hard vacuum of space, to high-speed maneuvers in Earth's atmosphere, and the regular transit between the two. However; shooting through the door, or poking it with a finger, seems to be enough to pop them.

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