Alien Artifacts (EU2012)

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Item name Gray Market Value § Required for research/foundry project Required for manufacturing
Sectoid Corpse 5 Sectoid Autopsy, Xeno-Biology Uplink Targeting (Aim) (3x)
Sectoid Commander Corpse 10 Sectoid Commander Autopsy
Thin Man Corpse 5 Thin Man Autopsy, Improved Medkit (4x) None
Chryssalid Corpse 5 Chryssalid Autopsy Chitin Plating (4x)
Outsider Shard N/A Outsider Shard Skeleton Key (1x)
Floater Corpse 5 Floater Autopsy Defense Matrix (Dodge) (x3)
Heavy Floater Corpse 5 Heavy Floater Autopsy, Advanced Repair, Advanced Flight (2x)
Muton Corpse 5 Muton Autopsy, Ammo Conservation (6x)
Berserker Corpse 5 Berserker Autopsy Combat Stims (1x)
Muton Elite Corpse 5 Muton Elite Autopsy
Drone Wreck 2 Drone Autopsy, Drone Capture (4x), Improved Arc Thrower (4x), Advanced Flight (2x)
Cyberdisk Wreck 7 Cyberdisk Autopsy, Advanced Flight (2x) UFO Tracking (Boost)(x2)
Sectopod Wreck 10 Sectopod Autopsy, Advanced Construction (2x)
Ethereal Corpse Ethereal Autopsy Mind Shield (1x)
Elerium 3 Elerium, Improved Pistol III (20x), S.H.I.V. Plasma (15x), Stealth Satellites (20x) Skeleton Key (10x), Elerium Generator (30x), Psionic Lab (20x), Plasma Cannon (10x), EMP Cannon (10x), Fusion Lance (10x), Hover S.H.I.V. (20x), Firestorm (5x), Mind Shield (20x), Light Plasma Rifle (?), Plasma Rifle (?), Alloy Cannon (?), Heavy Plasma (?), Plasma Sniper Rifle (?)
Alien Alloys 2 Alien Materials, Carapace Armor (10x), Skeleton Suit (15x), Beam Weapons (5x) Combat Stims(2x),Carapace Armor (15x), Laser Sniper Rifle (23x), Heavy Laser (23x), Scatter Laser (23x), Laser Rifle (13x), Laser Pistol (8x), Skeleton Key (10x), Laser Cannon (21x), Chitin Plating (10x)
UFO Flight Computer 40 Alien Nav Computer (2x), Stealth Satellites (3x) Firestorm(2x), Satellite Nexus (2x), Blaster Launcher (2x)
UFO nav-computer (damaged) 20 None None
UFO Power Source 75 UFO Power Source Firestorm(1x), Elerium Generator (2x)
UFO Power Source (damaged) 30 None None
Weapon Fragments 1 Weapon Fragment (5x), Plasma Pistol (40x), Beam Weapons (10x) ~All Weapons~
Alien Entertainment 17 None None
Alien Food 10 None None
Alien Food (damaged) ? None None
Alien Stasis Tank 10 None None
Alien Stasis Tank (damaged) ? None None
Alien Surgery 10 None None
Alien Surgery (damaged) ? None None
Fusion Core 125 Fusion Lance, Guided Fusion Launcher Blaster Launcher (1x)

Note: Weapon Fragments, Alloys, and Elerium are used to manufacture most items in the game. This is why their resale value is so low and why obtaining a precise number required for each project is so difficult - due to variances in the number of engineers, workshops, etc. Unless you are seriously strapped for cash, try selling something else instead.