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The Assault Ship effectively replaces the Alien Transport as a troop carrier. It can deposit large numbers of Aliens into city buildings and is armed with a powerful beam weapon. This craft is highly dangerous and must be stopped at all costs.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia

Alien Assault Ship


¹ Armour values are for: Top/Front/Left/Right/Rear|Under

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Assault Ships (UFO Type 6) are used only for mission types involving Infiltration and Alien Search. This UFO is the most prolific infiltrator of all alien craft.

Cityscape Combat
This UFO is not designed for combat. It must depend on its escorts for protection and distraction. It is similar in performance to the earlier Transporter but has double the damage tolerance. The medium disrupter beam is used for self defence and includes a cloaking field to protect against missiles. The single small shield is its only weakness.
Engagement of the Assault Ship with concentrated fire from the heaviest X-Com weaponry or exotics will quickly disable or destroy it before it can drop aliens.

Crash Recovery

Door Location: South

The crash-recovery battlescape shows the brown UFO has lightly impacted the ground and slid northwards towards a road. The trench is narrow for such a large craft. Access into the UFO only is possible by a large door in the trench, facing south.

Battlescape Combat
The crash recovery battlescape is nine levels high.
The Assault Ship's door is easily covered by X-Com agents positioned on the ridge, or slight further back, on both sides of the trench.
The entry area of the UFO is a cylindrical room with the grav-lift in the center. Aliens directly above, from mulitple levels, may throw or drop explosives and due to the limited entry space, may result in heavy X-Com casualties. Higher levels each have a restrictive opening from the grav-lift which then opens out into a multi-platform arena. Aliens can easily engage agents from many directions due to limited or no cover.
Roof access in not possible if attempting the 'disposal chute' tactic. Yellow coloured 'windows' on the sides of the hull are very damage-resistant. Destroying the gun barrel projections offers the best alternative access into the UFO to avoid ambush if using flight.

Roof Access (optional): The higher parts of the roof is at level ten which is not normally accesible. To reach level ten, position one agent on the roof next to the restricted area then LMB anywhere on the opposite side of the UFO's roof. The agent may fly up into level ten to reach the other side - immediately RMB to halt their movement. Double LMB their portait icon to see them. Select other agents (single not double LMB) to meet with this high agent. A larger section of the roof is now available but some tiles still need to be removed to access the exact center. The center contains the same yellow window tiles. Aliens just below this yellow part may 'see' agents through these tiles (vision is blocked through the tiles as expected, but not the gaps between the tiles) and attempt to attack whereas any return fire from the agents will be equally ineffective. Psionics will work as long as the hybrid agent can see the alien.

A succesfully recovered Assault Ship allows progress towards better hybrid X-Com craft and will also provide weapons, devices, and sub-systems for further research or to sell.

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