Alien Base Assault

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XCom operatives have gained entrance to an alien base. The control centre must be destroyed to render the base inoperative. The Mission will terminate when all enemies are eliminated.


Destroying the contents of the room on the second floor of the Command Center renders the base destroyed for all intents of a base assault. If you abort the mission after destroying the command center, the base will be destroyed. However, The mission will not end until you abort it or kill every alien in the base-- the latter is of course to be preferred.

If you are only doing a smash-n-grab (see below), don't kill all aliens and don't blow up the command center.

Alien Deployment

Rank       Beg./Exp.  Vet./Gen.    Super.
----       ---------  ---------    ------
Soldiers      5-9        6-10       7-11
Navigators     1          1          2
Engineers      1          1          2
Medics         1          1          1
Leaders        2          3          4
Commanders     1          1          1
Terrorists    1-3        3-5        5-7

Totals       12-18      16-22      22-28


  • Somebody turned the lights out. Alien bases start dim and remain dim, so bring electroflares.
  • Remember those proximity grenades; you can't guard every intersection.
  • Terror units will be in the area.
  • The alien base will be staffed by the same variety of aliens that ran the "alien base" UFO mission that set the base up, and the aliens that run the "alien supply" missions to that base. See Alien Missions For more detail.
  • Alien bases can be a very quick and dirty (dangerous) way to get Elerium, using what we call the "smash and grab" mission. Raid them by seeking out the room with red fuel pods, destroy them without using explosives, pick up the purple elerium canisters that were underneath, boogie back to the entry lift, and abort the mission. You get the elerium and the base is not destroyed. This means you can raid as often as you dare.

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