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This immense craft is heavily armored, well armed and has a large crew. It is equipped with a Heavy Disruptor Beam and Disruptor Missiles. If the Aliens can produce just a handful of these devastating leviathans, the future of our world looks bleak.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia

Alien Battleship


¹ Armour values are for: Top/Front/Left/Right/Rear|Under

Apoc ufo9 icon.png

Battleships (UFO Type 9) are used for all mission types: Infiltration, Bombing, and Alien Search. It can also be used to escort other UFOs.

Cityscape Combat
The Alien Battleship is designed for combat. The aliens have upgraded their fleet and their beam weapons. The heavy beam weapon is extremely destructive and the missiles that were used by the Alien Destroyer to destroy buildings are now being used to attack X-Com craft. Its constitution is more than double of any UFO before it and it can infest Mega-Primus with a large amount of aliens. This UFO is a formidable threat.
Massive firepower from all X-Com craft from multiple directions may eventually disable this behemoth. X-Com vehicles that are not shielded are vunerable to the powerful beam weapon. The previously used airbourne combat tactic of constant evasive movements by X-Com crafts causing enemy missiles to miss, and then waiting for the launching craft to run out of ammuntion, is now not viable since the recharging beam weapon is similar in destructiveness . Any vehicle which does not have module space for a shield, is now expendable and obsolete. Combat losses, if any, can be reduced by only using any X-Com craft equipped with multiple shield modules and the very best weapons.

Crash Recovery

Door Location: Underground West
Insert: Broken Window: West

The crash-recovery battlescape shows the orange UFO has lightly impacted the ground and slid westwards into a large hill. The trench is very narrow for such an immense craft. Access into the UFO is possible by a large door located underground within a pipe network, whereas access into the pipe network itself, is via two tunnels with entrances along the grassy slopes: north-middle area and south-east area.
Unconventional access for flying agents is possible via the broken window on the western edge of the UFO (see insert, top-right of overhead battlescape image).

Battlescape Combat
The crash recovery battlescape is nine levels high.
The Battleship has translucent windows which can be used by flying agents to assess enemy groupings inside and determine the location of certain combat-orientated alien lifeforms before any attempt is made to gain access. Any aliens detected will be engaged in combat but since the window tiles are very strong, it will waste ammunition.
The underground room adjacent to the UFO door is restrictive for missile evasion and lacks suitable cover.
Access to the upper levels is via a small cylindrical room with the grav-lift in the center. Aliens directly above, from multiple levels, may immediately retaliate. This central grav-lift allows access to all levels within the Battleship but if the surrounding floor is destroyed from explosives, it will severely limit agent movement unless flying. Multiple corridors branch out from the grav-lift at each level which provides many ambush opportunities, and possible further X-Com losses.
Access into the UFO by flying agents via the broken window in the west is the safer option to bypass enemy ambushes but may be more dangerous due to close proximity of certain powerful lifeforms. The unbroken window section can be used by hybrid agents to safely manipulate any alien since all window tiles are damage resistant.
Roof access in not generally possible if attempting the 'disposal chute' tactic but a hull breech besides the strong windows or by destroyiing the hull mounted beam weapons allows alternate access.

Oddity: This UFO uses 84 Disruptor Bomb Launchers positioned on the roof with a full load of 2688 bombs... but only uses one launcher at a time when fighting. Ammuntion is not stored in open areas as with other earlier UFOs which use missiles. The floor is highly resistant to explosives - the fuel supply detonating does not result in hull breech.

A succesfully recovered Battleship allows progress towards the best hybrid X-Com craft and will also provide weapons, devices, and sub-systems for further research or to sell.

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