Alien Containment (EU2012)

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The Containment Center with a resident Muton Berserker.

This facility will provide a secure environment to house the alien captives, allowing you to interrogate them in the Labs.

Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)


Research Required Xeno-Biology
Manpower Required N/A
Base Costs §85
Power 5
Maintenance §18 per month
Build Time 7 days
Provides see notes
Adjacency Bonus N/A

  • An Alien Containment allows the capture of live alien specimens (using the Arc Thrower), opening up the Interrogation research projects.
  • After all alien species have been interrogated, you do not lose anything by deconstructing the Containment facility, so keeping it is a matter of aesthetics: whenever the Base is loaded, any alien species you still have live specimens of (ie: plus interrogation, stun two of every alien to have one live left over) will randomly be inside it in the "ant farm" view.
  • A common misconception from new players is that the Alien Containment counts as a lab. Though it does technically add new research projects to your research department, it does not offer adjacency bonuses.

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